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Which 5 Zodiac Signs Love Christmas The Most?

5 Zodiac signs love Christmas the most

The Christmas season has officially begun, and with it, there are zodiac signs love and are obsessed with Christmas and the holiday season.

Christmas zodiac signs are devoted to and obsessed with the holiday season.The Christmas trees are covered in twinkling lights, there’s mistletoe everywhere you turn, Elf is on TV every other hour and pretty much everything smells like cookies. You can practically feel the holiday cheer rolling off your home each time you walk through the door, right?

If you’re a fan of the Christmas season like I am, you’ll be happy to know that certain zodiac signs are even more obsessed with the holiday than you are. They get it, and they want to go all out with decorations, traditions, and gift-giving!

Christmas brings out the best in many of us, and it’s no different with the astrological zodiac signs. Each of the 12 zodiac signs loves Christmas in its own unique way but some are highly obsessed.

If you think you are one of the many who love and are obsessed with Christmas, let me tell you so are we at Dunkel braun.

At Dunkel braun we share the spirit of Christmas with everyone, be it through our gift ranges, freshly baked cakes, or delicious assortments of cookies.

Christmas day is something that, being the largest bakery and cafe in Kolkata, we at Dunkel braun keep looking forward to. During this time of year we produce an array of products, whether you are wondering about Christmas gift ideas or simple ways to surprise your loved ones.

Different Christmas zodiac signs have different obsessions about the season of holidays. Either one enjoys the decoration of lights and packing presents for their family and friends, or another is more excited to bake new recipes of cakes and cookies for themselves and others to enjoy.

In this blog let’s look into five zodiac signs loves the holiday season, but first, let’s look into how Christmas gets started at Dunkel braun.

How Christmas celebrated in Dunkel braun?

This children’s day we started with the spirits of Christmas by inviting a few little elves to our store.

It is the grand celebration of Christmas that awaits the City of Joy after Durga Puja and Diwali. This year, we at Dunkel braun pledged to start the ceremony with something much more traditional, along with the little children of the town.

On November 12th, we held a junior bakers’ workshop, where more than 30 children participated in our cake mixing ceremony.

Participant kids from the age of 4 to 14 produced cakes, cookies, and other treats while learning about the intricate processes involved in cake mixing, cookie icing, cake frosting, and more. The team of Dunkel Braun provided all the ingredients for a fun and delicious baking experience without any registration fee.

Cake mixing event at Dunkel braun

Cake mixing is a traditional event done by European families many centuries ago, but now in modern times the custom has become a part of five star restaurants and bakeries curated by top-chefs worldwide, including in Kolkata.

The practice entails combining dried fruits and nuts, fresh plums and fruits, and fruit juice or spirits and keeping the combination in sealed containers for a few weeks.

The mixture is used to make delectable plum cakes, breads, and other treats around Christmas. This custom of cake mixing became much more special with Dunkel braun with 30 little elves who made lovely cake mixing and decorated cookies with their magic.

Kids that celebrated Christmas with us Christmas zodiac signs

Now let’s explore five zodiac signs love christmas and look forward to this celebration with zeal and enthusiasm like no other.

5 Zodiac Signs love and are obsessed with Christmas

With so many zodiac signs and their different types of moods, you must be wondering which one are you in this list of zodiac signs love the Christmas day more than anything.


The Aries personality enjoys nothing more than spending time with their families, despite all the bravado. The Christmas season provides Aries with the break they require to unwind and refuel. The zodiac signs love setting up  the most extravagant holiday show and there’s no other competitive like Aries in this field.

It also makes them enjoy the family time and choosing the ideal Christmas presents. The Aries considers the holiday season a time to spend with family members and friends.

The Aries zodiac signs loves Christmas for family time

Aries is one of the most social zodiac signs and enjoys hosting parties. The Aries considers the holiday season a time to spend with family members and friends. Aries is one of the most social zodiac signs and enjoys hosting parties.


This zodiac signs loves to snuggle and be cozy and always recommends hosting a movie screening for friends and family and serving warm beverages such as mulled wine, hot chocolate, and spiked hot drinks.

If your company wishes to watch your horoscopes throughout the holidays, select one or two of the most romantic Christmas movies to keep the entertainment festive, sweet, and calming.

Zodiac signs love for Christmas is something that Taurus can compete

And this Christmas zodiac sign if you are that Taurus in search of the perfect sweets and beverages then don’t miss out on Dunkel braun for Christmas treats.


The Cancer personality values time spent with friends and family above everything else, which explains why they adore Christmas so much. Cancer can arrange a gathering for any reason, but the holidays are especially important to Cancer.

Cancer is a very empathetic sign, which means they are very sensitive to the feelings of others. Because of this, they are often good listeners, which facilitates a lot of good conversation.

Zodiac signs love Christmas like Cancer for presents

During this holiday, these zodiac signs love to celebrate by exchanging gifts, decorating their homes for Christmas, and having a traditional Christmas meal together and spend hours carefully wrapping gifts for their loved ones.


The holidays are not only a wonderful time for delicious food and cheery music, but they are also the perfect occasion for Leo to dress to impress. Leo, one of the vainest signs in the zodiac, takes advantage of the party season to dance and take the best possible selfies!

Among the various zodiac signs love Christmas the Leos have all the party spirit in them. But as one of the most fun to be around signs, Leo just can’t help but get in the holiday mood.

Zodiac signs love the holiday spirit

This holiday season if you have a Leo in your group or your partner who is high on the holiday party spirit take a walk to our Dunkel braun Salt Lake store and enjoy the delectable tasty treats and the Christmas love in the air.


Aquarius enjoys new challenges and the prospect of turning over a fresh leaf at the end of the year. Christmas is the ideal time for Aquarius to reflect on their accomplishments throughout the previous year. Aquarius is among those which zodiac signs love and enjoys gift hunting and making others happy.

Aquarius enjoys gift hunting  and brightening other people’s days. They’re also among the most giving signs in the horoscope and they love surprises. So it makes sense that they’re always the first to pull out their wallet to purchase gifts for all their loved ones.

Zodaic signs love spending too much on gifts in Christmas

They’ll spend until they have no more money in order to make everyone they know feel special. Their generosity is one of their most endearing qualities!

Many zodiac signs love Christmas, but not all can obsess over Christmas as these five zodiac signs. In the end, you can guess whether a zodiac sign will be into Christmas or not based on their personality.

Having holiday parties at your home with all your friends and family can be a lot of fun! To keep this fun in check, and to ensure that you have enough food for everyone, we suggest reserving one oven for the veggie tray, one oven for the nuts, hot wings and sauces and one oven for the rest. That way you will be sure to have enough room to make sure everyone is fed.

So, those are the zodiac signs that LOVE Christmas, but what about the signs that are not so excited about Holidays or even are? Tell us if we missed out your zodiac sign here and are high on the Christmas spirit or if you are a Christmas Zodiac sign!

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