7 Sweet dish you can order this Eid

Try our wide range of sweet dish from Dunkel braun at affordable price

Any festival be it Christmas or Durga Puja, Holi or Eid nothing can take us apart from our sweet dish and if you’re true Kolkatan, you know all that we’re talking about.

Eid-al-Fitris one of the widely celebrated festivals among the Muslims in India, also known as ‘Meethi Eid’ linking us with our sweet cravings quite literally!

Who doesn’t know the day of Eid begins with prayers together with family and friends, which is followed by an obvious feast going from Haleem to Biryani, Korma to Kabab, and children collecting gifts from elders as ‘Eidi’.

When it comes to satisfying sweet itched souls, Kolkata is your heaven, and contributing to that heaven Dunkel braun is surely one of them. This Eid enjoys some great dessert recipes whether you’re hosting an iftar party or invited to one.

 Dunkel braun brings you various sweet dish with mixed flavors of exotic and indigenous essence with a Turkish touch to it.

What varieties of sweet dish we have?

Let’s explore a few home bakery cookies that you can order after a day of abstinence or even at a gathered Iftar party with friends and family. 

TIP 9574 7 Sweet dish you can order this Eid

Dry Fruit Ladoo

Is a box full of dry fruits or dry fruits combined with Ladoo which one would you like? Well if you ask me the second one is more tempting and healthy too. If you’re a Motichur or Besan Ladoo fan but the sugar is taking all your concerns try shifting to this Ladoo.

The Ladoos are coated in a dry fruit mixture and one can taste them while snacking and enjoy a healthy yet appetizing evening break. It’s a great snack post-workout when your body needs to gain the energy lost.

Kids and expecting mothers can also snack on them. It serves great as a supplement to a strict diet. The dry fruit ladoo is a sweet dish whose content of high protein, fiber, and vitamins makes them a deliberate healthy choice.

Badam laccha 7 Sweet dish you can order this Eid

Badam Lachha Cookies

What is more exciting than finding out a place catering both to your sweet tooth and healthy freak diet plan? Dunkel braun introduces to you a dessert recipe of cookies mixed with American almonds and peanuts, that too at an affordable price.

To provide you with a more nourishing side of it there is also a sugar-free version of this cookie.


Pista 2 7 Sweet dish you can order this Eid

Pistachio cookies

If your love for pistachio and sweet dish is never-ending, this cookie can be the end of your quest. The pistachio cookie at Dunkel braun is prepared with milk, butter, and refined flour, topped with shreds of Pista to give that crunch.

The cookie gives you that guilt-free snacking and helps to replenish your nutrients while at the same time maintaining a healthy diet.

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Honey Bee Slices

Crunchy peanuts and jaggery make up a great pair which we call ‘Chiki’. This candy is not traditionally free of sugar and often makes you guilty as you go on counting your calories.

At Dunkel braun you get a box packed with crunchy, addictive, and healthy peanuts made with two simple ingredients peanuts and jaggery is the perfect sweet dish that you can order.

As no festival goes without traditional food, so does Eid in India. One of the exquisite tastes of the Middle East brought to Kolkata by Dunkel braun is Baklava.

You get to taste three varieties of Baklava here with us. But let’s present to you the most unique one among them…


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Baklava Pyramids

The house of Dunkel braun brings to you one of their unique baked desserts, but it’s not only that it’s shaped in a pyramid – The Baklava Pyramid. It’s a dessert coming from either Turkey or Greece but food doesn’t need borders for you to enjoy the perfect balance of taste and craft in food full of pistachios, walnuts, almonds, and much more.

The Baklava is a sweet dish is unique when it comes to its filling keeping all the nuts and honey wrapped up in thin phyllo sheets, giving it a transparent visual to you. Its shape is another particular trait of it that is eye-catching and tells me who would reject a honeylicious treat at the end of fasting.

If you’re a curious foodie and love to try out or go on experimenting with your taste buds, the Baklava Pyramid can be your partner. You can go on to buy baklava online through the Dunkel braun store or via our official website. You can also try ordering Baklava tart and Baklava rolls.

Cakes are another part of Dunkel braun and no celebration can go without a slice of cream and joy mixed with love and happiness. At Dunkel braun you get quite a few options to recharge your body and soul.


DSC 2831 7 Sweet dish you can order this Eid

Dry Fruit cake

Nothing feels more fulfilling than the aroma of freshly baked sweet dish cake and if I tell you that it also contains a load of dry fruits and nuts, doesn’t it gives an instant mouth-watering feel. The Dry fruit cake is one such stuff that you can find at Dunkel braun.

Loaded with fresh walnuts, peanuts mixed with the dough and baked to perfection is enough to take you back to memory lane. As for many of us who won’t be able to bake a cake ourselves, you and I can visit the store of Dunkel braun or order online the joy to our homes for only 285/- rupees.

Cakes not only take you back to Christmas but also to any occasion at home whether to help you to bring back that lost sibling who is always on the phone or that person you love for whom you forgot the gift you needed to buy or even recharge yourself after a tiring meeting.

Other versions of dry cakes that you can order are also Chocochip dry cake,Marble Dry cake, and many more. gif maker 14 1 7 Sweet dish you can order this Eid

Chocolate brownie

A gooey fudgy mouth feel is everything that you get at Dunkel braun’s Chocolate brownie.

These fudgy brownies are a treat for your taste buds. A perfect balance of rich and dark chocolate, these brownies will melt in your mouth with every bite.

These delicious treats are a great way to end your day, and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream as the perfect finishing touch. It is one of the foolproof sweet dish at Dunkel braun that is destined to content your heart.

What other sweet dish I can order at Dunkel braun?

If all the delicious sweet dish that I mentioned doesn’t match your taste and if you’re still looking for more Dunkel braun will not disappoint you. Whether it’s your healthy side or your snacking heart they’re always on track to solve your foodie soul.

When it comes to sugar-free versions jars filled with Atta cookies,Cornflakes cookies,Multigrain cookies,Pistachio milk cookies are great ones to go for on a diet all ranging from 160/- to 180/- making them highly pocket-friendly.

Have you ever refused a pizza in your life? I presume the answer is no (obviously!), here at Dunkel braun you get to taste another variant of pizza. Imagine all the ingredients of an Italian pizza baked in a preheated oven of 200℃ and you get to enjoy it whole at only 130/- Rupees dream come true right? Order one jar of Pizza Cookies from Dunkel braun and make that dream a fact.

Among the best sellers Coriander Chilli Cookies is one of them, other salty variants in cookies are Jeera Butter cookies, Osmania Cookies, and Sev Salted cookies presenting you with the perfect blend of Indian herbs with sugar, flour, and butter.

Other sweet dishs which include cakes such as classic Black forest or a Belgium Cholocate cake both set the feel of festivals and enjoyment in the air. Other cakes include the Chocochip cake,Red Velvet Cake, and Rainbow cake.

You can also have a variety of dry cakes at Dunkel braun going from classic Vanilla dry cake to even Mawa dry cake.

Now that you’ve been flooded with so many delectable options let us know which one are you getting this Eid, whether it’s the cookies that captivated you or the cakes that wrapped you up or it’s the show-stopper Baklava that you gave in.



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