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9 Perfect Gift Ideas for Durga Puja

perfect gift for navratri this Durga Puja from Dunkel braun

At the end of September or the beginning of October, it is the time for Bengalis to return to their hometown to witness and be a part of the biggest festival of West Bengal, India, Durga Puja. In December 2021, “Durga Puja of Kolkata” was finally inscribed in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity which gave all Bengalis the right to proudly say that their Durga Puja is now a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Goddess Durga returns to her home on Earth with four children when she is worshipped for ten days, starting from Mahalaya till Dashami. Clay from the River Ganges is accumulated, and hand-made sculptures are created of Ma Durga by the Kumortoli artists, which are then worshipped everywhere with grandeur. The best thing about Durga puja is that it is usually celebrated for five days (Main rituals of the Puja). The festival brings a lot of joy and excitement to the Bengali household.

Magnificient “Pandals” are created all across the city to welcome Goddess Durga during this time; people wear new clothes, eat varieties of food, exchange gift for Navratri, visit pandals and enjoy the festival with uncontrollable feelings and energy. In Kolkata, it is no less than a carnival during the Durga Pujas, which draws a massive amount of tourists as well.

If you are wondering what to gift for Navratri to your friends and relatives to double up their celebration, Dunkel Braun here is also ready with some special Durga Puja Gift Boxes for your loved ones.

Some Gifts are Perfect for the Puja Season

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

Durga Puja is not only the festival of joy but also the time to tickle your taste buds with delicacies and sweets. It is that time of the year when everyone, especially Bengalis, forgets about their diet plans and indulges in the pleasure of consuming all the mouth-watering dishes and satiating their sweet tooth. Keeping your desires and expectations in mind, Dunkel Braun has carefully assorted Durga Puja Festival Gift Boxes. We are proud to say that we have the best of the best for you so that you can choose your gift for Navratri.

You can also opt for Navratri gifts for Kanya online. Our combination of cakes and cookies can add the perfect flavor to your plate of joy this festive season. You can choose from different Durga Puja Festival Gift Box combinations as per your budget to fulfill your desire.

Baklava Gift Boxes – Durga Puja festival gift boxes

gift hamper website 05 1 9 Perfect Gift Ideas for Durga Pujagift hamper website 06 1 9 Perfect Gift Ideas for Durga Puja

If you have still not explored the refined taste of layered pastry dessert, you must try our Baklavas. This delicacy from the Ottoman cuisine list is one of our specialties, and this festive season we present to you our Special Baklava Gift Boxes. If you are still looking for gift for Navratri, your search ends here as we bring to you assorted Baklava Gift Boxes with Pyramid Baklavas, Roll Baklavas, Tart Baklavas, Chocolate Pyramid Baklavas and Sobiyet Baklava. They will also cater to your Navratri Kanya Puja Gift Ideas. These Durga Puja Festival sweet boxes are made for gifting and are meant to bring that smile to your family and friends and show them love and appreciation.

Cookies Gift Boxes – Durga Puja festival gift boxes

gift hamper website 07 9 Perfect Gift Ideas for Durga Pujagift hamper website 02 9 Perfect Gift Ideas for Durga Puja

We all have different types of relatives and friends whom you need to send gift for Navratri but it has to be as per their choices which is sometimes difficult. You must have also gone through such confusion at some point of time in your life. Well, we have a solution to your mess here. You can try our Cookies gift Boxes when deciding Navratri gift for Ladies.

Our unique range of cookie flavors will not only make them happy but will also satisfy their unusual taste choices. You can choose from Pistachio Milk Cookies, Ajwain Jalebi Cookies, Coriander Chilli Cookies, Cashew Milk Cookies, and Chocolate Cashew Milk Cookies. If you are still confused, then better go for our assorted Cookies Gift Boxes with the majority of the flavors in them.

Snacks Gift Boxes – Durga Puja festival gift boxes

Do not worry if you are not a sweet lover. We keep in mind the expectations and the choices of all our customers, and for you, we have Snacks Gift Boxes too. If you are a complete no-no for sweets, try our puffs, wafers, and makhanas. From spicy snacks to milder options, we’ve got it all! Now you can order online or buy assorted Snacks gift boxes, too, as Navratri gift items. This Navratri or Durga Puja, gift your loved ones our Snacks gift Boxes instead of anything sweet. They will surely love our royal and exquisite gift boxes with different versions of snacks to munch on.

Here at Dunkel Braun, we offer wide variety of cookies, desserts, and snacks to meet the lofty expectations of your taste buds. If you want something to gift for a person who is too picky, you can also buy our exceptional range of unique products separately to form a Gift Box with your own Navratri Gift Items. Try our Sugar-Free Cookies if you want to gift them to someone with diabetes. You will not only bring a smile to their face but will also show that you care for their health.

Our Pizza cookies will definitely make you crave it more, especially if you are planning to give them to children as Durga Puja gifts. They have got a crispy and sugary taste at the same time. Badam Laccha Cookies with raw dry fruits is also one of our best-selling cookies. Including it in your Navratri gift items will be an excellent idea too.

Durga Puja and Navratri celebrations are not only limited to religious rituals. They are also celebrated to spread smiles and happiness. We have specially customized Gift boxes to help you sprinkle more cheerfulness during this particular time of the year.


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