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Dunkel braun is a celebration of the perfect blends of exotic flavours and indigenous tastes, that have the best tinge of rich Turkish cuisine. We offer a wide range of cookies, snacks, beverages and unique desserts that are excellently curated by the world’s best chefs.

Our aim is simple- to provide you with an unforgettable taste that lingers on your taste buds and keeps reminding you of our exemplary baked products.

So if you are looking for the perfect match of excellent aromas to enjoy an exquisite foreign taste with the most exciting Indian twist, then Dunkel braun is your perfect go-to hub. Why? Because we don’t just offer you a scrumptious serve, we create memories.

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What's in the name "Dunkel braun"?

If we could dedicate a dictionary to baking, one of the most integral terminologies would be ‘Dunkel braun’. Dunkel braun, being the German substitute for the word Dark Brown, holds a special significance in the world of bakery.

It is the hue of perfection that is seeked by every baker, who bakes happiness. Generations of bakers have associated the Dark Brown colour with perfection.

When glasses of hard-work, spoons full of dedication and ounces of perfection blends it’s then that a baker’s masterpiece reaches the colour  ‘Dunkel braun’. And we aim to bring that level of perfection down to your culinary, with every atom of bakery we serve.

Not just a name. Not just a colour. ‘Dunkel braun’ is an experience of perfection in bakery.

Founding stalwart, Sandeep Gupta, with an MBA and Post Graduate Diploma in Forex & Material Logistic Management, and a commendable experience in the F&B industry, had a philosophy before he came up with the inception of “Dunkel braun”. He had aimed at bringing down the experience of premium perfection in bakery within a budget that serves the masses whie keeping the consumers informed about what they are eating in the name of desserts.

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Dunkel braun

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South Kolkata

176, Sarat Bose Rd, lake Terrace, Deshapriya Park, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

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Salt Lake Store

3rd Ave, Bidhan Nagar, DC Block, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064

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