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Chocolate Pyramid Baklava 6pcs per Box

430.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Dry Fruit Ladoo 150gms

160.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Honey Bee Slice 160gms

265.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Pyramid Baklava with Cashew 8pcs per Box

430.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Roll Baklava 9pcs per Box

400.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Sobiyet Baklava 4pcs per Box

430.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Tart Baklava 6pcs per Box

300.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Still can’t decide what to order from our baked desserts?

Let me help you with that. The baked desserts available from the house of Dunkel braun aim to bring you the ultimate and exquisite experience of bakery shopping.

Here you get to experience the fusion of flavors and taste some of the unique desserts made by our bakery. Whether you bite into the rich taste of the Turkish delight – box of Baklava or the different variations of the traditional sweet dish Gujiya, our bakery has aimed to serve you the best of both the finest quality and the most delicious taste.

But as you go on reading I bet you’re worried about the calories, right? Don’t stop yourself and buy dessert online from Dunkel braun as everything is made with the best quality ingredients keeping in mind the healthy factors of each of them used.

Why Buy Dessert Online from Dunkel braun?

If you’re still wondering why you need to buy dessert online from Dunkel braun, then let me show you why not.

You can buy dessert online from the comfort of your home and taste the exquisite taste of Turkey- the Baklava. Shop the baklava box and explore the three different variations of this traditional sweet dish made by our master class chefs.

The sweet dish baklava comes in three versions or can be said in different shapes – the Roll Baklava, the Pyramid Baklava, and the Tart Baklava. All of them are made with filo sheets which are kneaded by the skilled hands of our bakery chefs and layered with finely chopped cashews, pistachios, walnut, and almonds.

You can also shop for all your friends and family by ordering the Assorted Baklava Box which contains 5 pieces of Tart Baklava, 6 pieces of Pyramid Baklava, and 10 pieces of Roll Baklava. But if you’re looking for something much larger in size and quantity the shop for the Large Assorted Baklava Box which contains 8 pieces of Tart Baklava, 8 pieces of Pyramid Baklava, and 6 pieces of Roll Baklava. These sweet boxes are made for gifting and are meant to bring that smile to your family and friends and show them the love and appreciation.

There is also the Baked Dessert Combo (Pack of 4) containing a box of Roll Baklava which contains 9 pieces, a box of Tart Baklava which contains 6 pieces of it, a box of Pyramid Baklava which contains 8 pieces of them and a pack of Honey Bee Slices which is 160gms.

And if you’re craving the traditional Indian sweet dish Gujiya then you can shop for the Wafer Crust Gujiya or the Baked Gujiya or the Chocolate Gujiya, taste these three versions of this traditional dessert and find out which one is your favourite.