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Super Saving with Combos – Best combo offer

Tell me which is more enticing a jar of cookies or getting more than just a jar of cookies under one budget? I guess the second one is the answer.

Dunkel braun introduces you to the Combos Category where you can get more without causing stress to your pocket.

We have made out the perfect combos for your particular moods and time of your day. These combos are made perfect for gifting or even for a house party that you are hosting or even when you crave unique flavours but on a budget.

You can find cookie combos, makhana or wafers in these combos, there are also combos made with everything chocolate stuff you can find here at Dunkel braun. Combos provide you with a perfect place to get everything in one place.

Get Best combo offer from Dunkel braun

Shop for the perfect combos from the house of Dunkel braun and set your mood to foodie mode. By now you’re wondering what you can get in actuality from these combos or what they offer.

Explore around the Chocolaty Scrapyard this combo brings to you the paradise of chocolate in one place. All 5 products each different versions of chocolate and the speciality of Dunkel braun.

The combo is loaded with the perfectly baked Chocochip Dry Cake of 300 gms, then you get the Chocolate Brownie and a jar of Chocochip Cookies of 200 gms, there is still more in this combo as you get Chococip Cashew Cookies of 200 gms/jar with the in-house Chocochip Muffin. It is an ultimate chocolate lover daydream made real by Dunkel braun at only 770/-.

There are combos like the Red Sweetheart made for you if you want something special to present to your special loved one. You can get 3 different products all representing the colour red.

Get the yummy Red Velvet Cookies of 200 gms/jar baked till you get the perfect crunch as you bite into them topped with white chocolate chips. The Red Velvet Dry Cake with the Red Velvet Muffin this combo gets completed at only 450/-.

But if you’re a cookie fan and have a unique taste then Dunkel braun is always the only place you can think to explore around. With our cookie combo, you can taste different versions of cookies without worrying about your budget.

There are cookie combis made to suit your coffee and tea time or even made to just much on during your evenings. The Coffee Time Cookie Combo contains a pack of 3 cookie jars perfect to go with your coffee. While the Tea Time Cookies Combo offers a pack of 3 cookie jars that are your best partners in your tea time.

The Evening Snack Cookie Combo does justice to its name with a pack of 3 cookie jars makes it unable to stop munching on them.

And if you’re looking for something where you can have everything then you should definitely try out the “Sab Kuch Milaga” Combo where you can get to taste even the speciality of Dunkle braun the Baklava. Yet there are altogether 7 products of ours providing you with a perfect representation of DB.

It’s not only the cookies that make Dunkel braun the perfect destination but also the Makhana Pack of 3 Combo and the Munchie Chips Combo (Pack of 2) giving you the ultimate baked and healthy snacks.