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Box of Baklava I Baklawa is Baklava ^ Baklava Is Not Baklawa

Order your box of baklava today and enjoy the taste of this exotic dessert of Turkey from Dunkel braun

However, the way you want to say it be it Baklawa or Baklava is delicious in all ways. From the house of Dunkel braun get your box of baklava and enjoy the rich and exotic taste of this Middle Eastern delicacy.

This dessert was created for all the curious foodies who like to explore food and try out new recipes. Whether you call it baklava or baklawa it’s a heavenly sweet taste that is everything that you can talk about all day long.

When it comes to Dunkel braun, the largest bakery in Kolkata is the only cafe that brings to you the unique baklava mithai in its original form keeping in mind the perfect proportions of the recipe and the health benefits that are along with it.

From the hands of the world-class chefs of DB, the baklawa or the baklava sweet is made with phyllo sheets covered with delicious crushed nuts, walnuts, and pistachios and tossed in honey creating a delectable sweet that you can take out once you have got the taste to it.

Originating in the Middle Eastern countries the baklava from turkey has brought controversies with it. Created for festivities the baklava sweet was the first that came from the hands of the Assyrian empire this sweet was made to celebrate joyful events in the royal family.

In today’s time, the baklava sweet travelled all around the world and in India where we are a major population with the maximum niche towards sweets, Baklava mithai is all along famous.

In that majority population, just like you and me, a box of baklava is something that can take up all the stress and boredom of a bad day.

We know when you search for baklawa on the internet, that you are actually looking for the baklava sweet. At Dunkel braun we know what you are looking for and you can buy baklava online at the perfect affordable price.

On a stressful day when you are craving something tasty and unique, your sweet tooth is sending you signals just order baklava online and end it for good.

Trust us when we say a box of baklava is all the answers to your sweet cravings. The exotic dessert was though made outside India and all around the world there are variations in its recipes of it, and various controversies have followed it but while creating baklawa or baklava at Dunkel braun we thought why to choose between the Greeks and Turkish let’s create our own baklava world.

We know when on a lovely even when you are famished and craved something mouth-filling and frantically looking for baklawa or baklava near me then DB is always here for your cravings.

The variations you can order baklava online from the house of Dunkel braun are Baklava Roll, Baklava Pyramid and Baklava Tart.

The Box of Baklava That You Can Order Online

As we believe that love comes in different shapes and sizes, here at Dunkel braun your “Bak-Love-a” comes in three variant shapes bringing out the joy of food in three different ways.

Taste the Baklava Roll from the house of Dunkel braun and buy baklava online. Baklava Roll, a succulent sweet dish made of filo or phyllo dough, loaded with healthy and flavourful nuts will make you go gaga over it!

The magic and the mastery lie in making paper-thin sheets out of the phyllo which acts as the base of the dish. It is all about utility and ease because a roll-shaped dessert is always handier.

The box of baklava containing the Baklava roll is a perfect gift box for your loved ones or even to enjoy by yourself.

There is also the Baklava tart which is a mouth full of goodness with balanced overloads of nuts and crispy filo. A tart is a sweet Turkish delight which will melt into your mouth. There are many variations of the baklava tart depending on the place but the essence is the same in every art.

Adorned with the goodness of nuts and honey, Baklava sweet has multiple layers. As you bite into it, you will first feel the onrush of a crispy filo pastry coating followed by the texture of the chopped nuts. The subtle sweetness of honey makes you as for more as you go deeper into relishing this box of Baklava.

The Baklava Pyramid is the ultimate essence of flavourful goodness and artistic appearance. This perfectly baked mouthful of happiness originated in Turkey that travelled to various parts of the world.

Multiple layers of phyllo sheet carefully hand-rolled into the thinnest possible breadth. The main artistry lies in creating the pyramid-like structure in such a manner that it should hold within it the nutty fillings.

Baklava Box – A Perfect Gift Box for this Eid - al - Fitr

This box of Baklava is a complete representation of the artistic genre of food and you can the perfect taste of this baklava mithai with the honey glazed and glimpse of the nuts caramelized from the thin sheets of baklava pyramid makes it more enticing and delicious.

Now after all this information about the box of baklava you can find here at Dunkel braun you might want to know how you can make this dessert at home. Let’s give you a glimpse of this baklava sweet and you can know the complex process of creating this dessert in a simple and easy way.

In 7 Simple Steps Know How to Create Your Own Box of Baklava.

The one ingredient which is needed in abundance to prepare Baklava or baklawa is – Love for desserts! Apart from that, we need nuts like

  •         Almonds
  •         Walnuts
  •         Pistachios
  •         Peanuts
  •         Melted butter
  •         Cinnamon powder
  •         Sugar
  •         Honey
  •         Water,
  •         Lemon juice, lemon zest
  •         Phyllo sheets.

Simple steps to make baklava at home–

Step 1 – The process begins by mixing all the items to make the filling. Some almond, walnut and pistachio powder, sugar and cinnamon powder along with a dollop of butter are to be taken in a mixing bowl.

Step 2 – Mix all the items gently and keep them aside. Now comes the part that needs skills. The phyllo sheets need to be folded into half and then butter is to be applied to the sheet which is facing upwards.

Step 3 – On the baking sheet, the baklavas of your desired shape should be placed seam side down. There must be a proper distance between Baklavas so that each gets baked properly.

Step 4 – Take some mixture, put it on the sheet and start rolling. Do not forget to apply butter on the side which is rolled up already.

Step 5 – Make sure to fill the filling even after the halfway rolling is done. This way you get the onrush of fillings in every bite, every layer of the Baklava or baklawa. Now cut the sheets into the shapes you want and put them on the baking tray.

Step 6 – Brush them with butter and put them in the 180 C preheated oven. Allow the whole thing to bake for 15-20 minutes and when you see the colour turning to a golden brown, you know magic has been made.

Step 7 – The final step is to dunk the Baklava mithai into the syrup which is made by boiling either honey or sugar with some lemon juice. Once the tasty Baklavas are dipped into the syrup for about four to five hours garnish them with your favourite nuts and enjoy!

After all, if you want you can skip all these steps and just buy baklava online from Dunkel braun in just simple steps you can do that too. Just reach the official website and click on the “Order Now” tab and in the baked sweet predict category find the delicious baklava, or you can also just visit us at our outlet and enjoy baklawa or baklava whichever way you call it with your loved ones.

You can also order baklava online in an assorted box of baklava in either large or regular versions for your parties or gifting purposes. This box of baklava or baklawa is made as the perfect gift option for any occasion.

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