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Cakes, cookies, happiness, love – Christmas is time for all

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Kolkata has always been associated with celebrating Christmas in a very loving and warm way. As soon as December comes, the lanes of Park Street, Bow Barrack, and many more start decking up with lights and shimmers to make way for the festivities and laughter. Amidst the symphony of music and air filled with the aroma of yummy baked goodies, the city drenches itself in love and compassion. 


Indeed, the city of joy becomes cheerful and comes to life through its people and the spirit of Christmas. 


With the Christmas vibes nearing and the smell of delicious cakes and cookies ready to fill the air, it is time for us to take out that baking tray and indulge in the joy of baking ourselves. There is a different joy altogether in baking, as, in the process of making the dough and filling up the trays and putting in the little pieces of decoration while waiting patiently for the goodies to take shape, Christmas comes alive. 


Of course, those of you who are not able to put on the baking apron because of those nagging commitments that seem never to end, your search for the “last minute Christmas cookies,” “order cake online Kolkata,” and “bakery shop near me” comes to an end here. Dunkel Braun is your answer!


Christmas cakes, chocolates, dessert, celebration cakes to rusks, baklavas, bread, brownies, and cookies, Dunkel Braun, is your Christmas saviour!

Check out the irresistible range of delicacies from Dunkel Braun to satisfy your Christmas cravings and the perfect partner for indulging in the Christmas banter with your loved ones. Christmas is the time to soak in all the good things it spreads along its way, through the colours and essence it is filled with, creating joy and happiness.


Christmas, Cakes, and Colour


The jingling bells, coloured lights, tinsel, and the bright shining star on the top of the Christmas tree…

Shepherd’s pie, Rum ball, gingerbread, fruit cake, and chicken roasts…

Gift boxes, wrapping papers, hampers, and Christmas wreaths…


Not only the city, but its people and the ambiance around, fill up with a colour that resonates attachment and a break from the monotony. 


The pandemic has changed the meaning of the celebration, and with new variants of the virus creating havoc now and then, it can get tough to engage in festive fervour without being worried.


Nevertheless, we humans have always found ways to keep our sorrows behind and cheer one another up in times of need. And Christmas calls for need without effort!


Here’s hoping that the Christmas grandeur, drenched in colourful fairy lights and brushed with delectable cakes, wipe away the sheet of gloominess and replace it with the hope that people are looking for amidst the chaos. Let us drench ourselves in the party fervour and put on the positivity that is a Christmas blessing.

With December, party and nostalgia sets in together… 


The party song list is getting prepared.

The hook steps to the popular songs on the trending list are learned and relearned every day.

The ovens are prepping up to bake cakes and cookies that remind of childhood and family time.


The last week of December opens up the box of cheerful times and activities. 


It also makes us nostalgic. Breaking the gates of memories held so tightly, it drenches us with faces so familiar and voices so clear.


Interestingly, when the year is about to end, and a brand new one is about to kick in, we learn to prioritize a little better and allow the emotions to take charge. Planning get-togethers and meeting family and old friends seem a little less impossible. We want to soak in the vibes of the good times with the people who matter, and we also want to party hard. 


Yes, Christmas mixed with New Year’s Eve is hard to ignore, and on for all those looking for an opportunity to lay low, there’s endless Christmas baked goodies to keep you grinning!


Aroma of remembrance


Have you ever felt nostalgic when the smell of freshly baked cake fills the room with emotions that becomes difficult to hold back?

Whether it is the cake you bake or the cake you ordered from Dunkel Braun, the emotions are the same. Filled with high doses of sentiment, even the hard-hearted ones (with time who have hardened their souls so that it does not get hurt again) are filled in with a melancholic tune that is hard to not listen to. 


By now, you all must have already started reliving your favourite Christmas memories in bits and parts.


Smile a little more and enjoy your favourite Christmas cakes and cookies. From Dunkel Braun or the comfort of your homes, everyone deserves love from Santa.


This Christmas, all those who are coming back home to spend the time with your loved ones and also those who could not make it this time, may the Star of Bethlehem or the Christmas Star, atop the Christmas tree, shine bright and guide you, towards love and happiness.

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