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With every purchase of Rs 1500 or more, you'll get a free Brown Santa's Secret Gift.


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• Offer valid only for orders placed by 31st December 2022, 11:59pm.
• Offer valid on both prepaid & COD online orders.
• For online orders minimum cart value needs to be Rs 1500  to qualify for the offer.
• Dunkel Braun has the sole authority to choose the surprise gift that shall accompany all orders worth over Rs 1500.
• For the ones who purchase below Rs 1500 and yet order the Secret Santa gift it shall be payable at Rs 550 for each unit.
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Unique Christmas gift ideas from Dunkel braun

December is the time when you can feel the jingle bells ringing and hunt for new Christmas gift ideas, excitement, and enthusiasm for another fest. Christmas is another festival widely celebrated in different parts of the world and India and very obviously Kolkata is no exception to it.

The city of joy has always welcomed cultures and celebrated different festivals as its own, and even though the festival of Christmas is the most awaited celebration among the Christians, we all love the valor and the festivities of this holiday season.

Exchanging gifts and planning for exciting Christmas gift ideas is something that we all love, but the hassle of searching for the gifts of Christmas has exhausted most of our options in the gifting sector.

Dunkel braun has attempted to break you out of those same traditional Christmas gift ideas with the ease of finding Christmas gifts online, and why not add a unique twist with this year’s gift of Christmas?

Explore with us the various options from the shop section of Dunkel braun for your gift of Christmas this year.

Send Secret Santa Gifts

Dunkel braun believes in creating memories over delicious and delectable food. Wouldn’t it be a perfect holiday if you could simply search for Christmas gifts online and have them delivered right to your door?

It also turns out to be the time of year when you should look for the perfect Christmas corporate gift ideas. Annual events are held by various corporate sectors, and one aspect of these events is bringing the perfect secret Santa gifts.

This festive season if you’re searching for a gift of christmas and we know being a secret santa is quite tough job. Which is why Dunkel braun is at your aid with a wide array of secret santa gift ideas and you can send secret santa gifts to your colleagues, employees or clients.

Turkish dessert Baklava, a unique specialty of exotic sweets that will please anyone in your corporate house, is another fantastic Dunkel braun secret Santa gift idea. Grab the Chocolate Pyramid Baklava, a unique twist to the conventional recipe of baklava which is an ultimate delicious dessert.

The Pyramid Baklava with Cashew and the Pyramid Baklava with Pistachio are what makes Dunkel braun an particular adorer of desserts and a perfect place to find secret santa gift ideas for your corporate house.

Christmas gift ideas: Personalized christmas gifts

Another part of gifting is personalization of gifts, and we all want something personal in the gift of Christmas. Dunkel braun offers a variety of Christmas gift boxes that can be personalized to suit your preferences.

We have various different types of gift boxes, quite affordable and the most important fact that whether your christmas present is for your mother or boss you can get them delivered to their place with just a few clicks.

Christmas presents: Cookies and Cakes

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift ideas this year, don’t overlook Dunkel braun’s selection.

Christmas is the time when cakes and cookies are something that gets on our plates by default. Cakes are synonymous to Christmas and won’t it be an ideal for Christmas gift ideas to present to anyone who loves delicious and tasty treats.

Dunkel braun has been striving to provide a superior bakery shopping experience, which is why we have made it possible for you to search for and order your Christmas gifts online directly from our website.

And the cakes and cookies our chefs bake here are a perfect fit for a gift of Christmas.

Cookies are what makes the season of Christmas more delightful than any time of the year. The warm cup of fuzzy coffee alongside Dunkel braun’s gourmet cookies are something to look forward to this Christmas.

You can grab the Gourmet Ginger Cookies for something unique to offer this Christmas to your friends when they come over. Or you can also order in the Gourmet Honey Oats Cookies or the tasty Gourmet Muesli Cookies for your loved ones or yourself.

Another speciality that we at Dunkel braun bring to you is the Gourmet Red Velvet Cookies that are an utter delight.

Plum Cakes and Christmas we all know they go hand in hand all the time. Dunkel braun this year has kept intact the traditional ways of plum cake recipes but also has brought the twist with different types of shaped cakes for you.

You can order cake online from our official store like the Classic Plum Cake and the Round Shaped Plum Cake that are an absolute must have for your Christmas celebration.

The Round Shaped Chocolate Plum Cake is unique and for anyone who adores chocolate, this cake can be the best way to say “Merry Christmas” to them.   

For your kids you can buy cakes online from Dunkel braun like the Star Shaped Plum Cake and the Tree Shaped Plum Cake and turn their Chirtmas into something fun and delicious.


Gift of Christmas - xmas gift boxes

With the holiday season approaching and the gift-giving season in full swing, it’s always fun to look for new and exciting Christmas gift ideas, whether for the oldest member of your family or the closest friend in your circle.

Dunkel braun has attempted to make things a little easier. You can find your perfect fit among their various Christmas gift boxes.

A benefit of these gift boxes from Dunkel braun is the affordable price range which turns out to be a comfortable option for anyone who is on a budget and even wants to get the most out of Christmas gift boxes for their loved ones.

You can opt for a full cookie gift box with the Pink Cookies Box– loaded with 6 different varieties of cookies or if just cookies are not your part of plan this year why not take home the Golden Baklava Assorted Box— filled with different varieties of Baklava.

Wouldn’t it be delightful to experience the joy of secret surprises this Christmas? Let Dunkel braun help you capture the magic of the season with unexpected delights. Order the Brown Santa’s Secret Gift for your special ones and surprise them.

FAQ for Christmas Gift ideas

  • What to gift on Christmas?

 – If you can’t decide what to give for Christmas, come to our Dunkel braun store or visit the official website to find the perfect fit for your Christmas gift ideas.

  • Where to buy Christmas gifts online?

– There are many options for Christmas or xmas gift boxes on the market, but if you want something unique and delicious to create memories with, don’t miss out on the Dunkel braun Christmas gift online and secret Santa gifts.

  • What are Christmas gift ideas online?

– You can find different Christmas gift ideas online, but if you’re clueless about how to find the ideal gift for your family and friends, then check out our blog on 6 Delicious Gift Ideas from Dunkel braun to get you started.

  • What are the best Christmas food gifts online?

– If your idea for your Christmas gift boxes as well as for secret Santa gifts is to find the tastiest treats and something to relish your holiday season with, then Dunkel braun has a wide array of cakes, cookies, puffs, wraps, makhana, and the exotic Baklava you name it.


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