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List of cookies to buy online – Glorious history of cookies

Wondering which cookies to buy online - Relax let us know the taste and we have right cookie for you!

Cookies have their origins in the 7th Century A.D in Iran.  Dunkel braun has a wide range of cookies to buy online at the best price for family and friends. Cookies and other bakery desserts have been thought to be extracted from sugar cane. Iran is the hub of sugar cane. Cookies are the soft dollops that have been introduced in the Mediterranean areas. The first cookies in the Renaissance time have been the ones with egg yolks and spices.

Such cookies travel a lot from Europe to other places. India is not out of the league and Kolkata is not certain. With such rich history, Kolkata bakeries have introduced their different types of cookies in their outlets. Such a place with health concerns in mind has launched its bakery outlet in Kolkata where healthy cookies are guaranteed.

We all know about Ruth Graves Wakefield, don’t we? She was the inventor of the chocolate chip cookies which we are consuming with great relish at present. Chocolate chip cookies first became famous in Massachusetts. The name Dunkel Braun itself is a creation like Wakefield did with chocolate chip cookies. Dark Brown is the meaning of the German term “Dunkel Braun”. Cookies with a dark brown texture are synonymous with the smooth texture of chocolates. The outside creaminess of the chocolate gets thickened with the cookie dough.

Top 8 Cookies at Dunkel Braun

Shop sugar free atta cookies at Dunkel braun

8. Atta Cookies

These atta cookies are one of trendiest in DB’s menu. These are the premium cookies in the DB outlet. It can be shopped from Zomato. Online shopping of atta cookies has been proven the best cookies gift hamper option in the last festivals in Kolkata.

1 3 List of cookies to buy online - Glorious history of cookies

7. Red Velvet Cookies

Red velvet cakes, we have heard of. But the cookies, isn’t it amazing that such cookies are available in DB store. This cookie is made with the pure home ingredients and to add the savory taste, the powdered sugar has been added in the dough. The color is absolutely natural. Red velvet cake is almost 750/- whereas these cookies price in India is just 160/-. For the South Kolkata people, DB is just a walking distance to buy cookies from the Deshapriya Park store.

1 3 1 List of cookies to buy online - Glorious history of cookies

6. Mix Dry Fruit Cookies

Dry fruits on the cookies, it sounds healthy. Yes, it is. These cookies are bunch of the dry fruit mixture used at its coatings. So, the cookie lover can taste the dry fruits while snacking in the evening. This is healthy yet tasty.

1 1 List of cookies to buy online - Glorious history of cookies

5. Pizza Cookies

Pizza cookies sounds crispy and sugary at the same time. Pizza hits the different tastebuds as compared with cookies. How it tastes when these two are combined. Also, the pizza cookie price is 130 RS/-. The taste of pizza is just at 130/- cannot be imagined while the second taste is of cookies. DB is here to cater such different tastebuds with its creations.

chocochip cookies all time favorite

4. Chocochip Cookies

What to say about Choco chip cookies? This is the famous cookies the day Wakefield invented. But DB has come with a slight twist on the Choco chips. Dunkel Braun has first time used the powdered sugar free in its Choco chips’ dough. So, biscuit flavor of the cookies remains same with its chocolaty taste inside.

These coconut milk cookies melts in your mouth and brings the sensation of “top of the world

3. Coconut Milk Cookies

Coconut’s flavor on the cookies, impossible! When DB is there, it is possible with its different item creations. Coconut flavor added with milk in the form of cookies is in the list of trendiest cookies in the DB outlet.

Sugar Free Badam Lachha cookies for diabetic people. Order now to enjoy

2. Badam Lachha Cookies

The taste of almonds and peanuts are just at 180/-, isn’t it wonderful? Now, the cookies are almost like dime a dozen because it is available in every outlet. But who thinks to add the raw dry fruits in cookies? DB is here to present such Badam Lachha Cookies at a very reasonable price.

Healthy sugar free oats cookies available at your finger tip

1. Honey Oats Cookies

Honey with green tea, we have heard and oats in the breakfast as cereal, who mixes it up with the cookies! It may taste coarse and not the snacking item at all. Let me tell you DB has combined honey and oats in the cookies dough to serve all the health freaks in the city dwellers who are depriving from the dessert items from so long.

Different flavored cookies to buy online

These cookies are the demanding ones in the DB outlet at very reasonable prices. There are other cookies like coriander chili, sugar-free atta cookies, French Palmier, pistachio milk cookies, Osmania cookies, sugar-free multigrain cookies, jeera butter, cashew tasty, sugar-free pistachio milk cookies, almond tasty cookies, multigrain cookies, Carom seed Zulbia, Cornflakes Cookies, Sev Salted, Chocolate Cashew Cookies, and sugar-free cornflakes cookies. These lists of cookies are available between INR 150-200/- only in the DB store. The best part is DB has made it easier for cookie lovers so that they can order online. These cookie boxes can be an amazing gift option at any Indian festival.

We cater needs of all generations. Be it for people young at heart craving sweet cookies or health freak people looking for something healthy, we got covered options for all your healthy snacks.


Dunkel braun’s Cookie Madness continues…Find out the cookies you can buy online

DSC 5867 1 List of cookies to buy online - Glorious history of cookies

Dunkel Braun has two shops in the prime locations of the City of Joy, Kolkata. One is in Salt Lake (EC-15, Sector-1, Salt Lake (opposite City Centre), Kolkata 700064) and the other is near Deshapriya Park (Lake Terrace, 176 Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata – 700029, Deshapriya Park).  But with the two shops in Kolkata, this is a tough choice for the semi-urbanites. Hold a second, wondering which cookies to buy online? Dunkel Braun has a solution for them because these healthy cookies are online now. Zomato is there to serve the tastebuds of the semi-urbanites.

Now, the festivals will be easier for those who are hell tired in the year to make sweets in their kitchens to serve their guests. Now, premium cookies to buy online are one click away with its available cookies packet.As we know, sugar cravings often hit us hard and we tend to get access to cakes and chocolates with high- calories. Indians are so fond of sweet balls; Dunkel braun has taken its plunge to serve such Indians with sweet yet healthy savory items so that cookie lovers can enjoy their snacking without any further anxiety of overeating and high-calorie concerns.

Coriander chilli cookies for spice lovers @170/box

Easy Recipe for cookies at Dunkel braun –

Cookies are made with homemade ingredients in Dunkel Braun. Out of all the exemplary brands in India, why one would choose DB for their cookie shopping? The reason is the recipe. We are unveiling the baking process of our homemade and healthy cookies. DB has created this cookie outlet to add all the Indian ingredients which are so underrated.

Whenever we talk about spices, turmeric and cinnamon come at the top of the chart. The spices like carom seeds, fenugreek, and clove are mostly ignored. DB has first churned the carom seeds and added them to the cookie dough to make the evening snacks filled with Indian taste. We have learned that cookies are an invention in Europe and then it has migrated to America and further it has traveled to India. But the inventions in the cookie industry, especially in its recipe, are the same copycat process in other big brands. Dunkel braun has decided to reveal its making process so that the cookie lover can get access to the healthy yet Indian spices in their dessert items.

The recipe simply includes the wheat flour, the powdered sugar-free, milk as required, salt, and natural color for the red velvet, Choco chips for the Chocochip cookies, dry fruits, peanuts, and the parchment paper to bake. These are the easiest yet healthy options to run life smoothly without health hazards and get in the tea conversation without the further hassle of a lifestyle disorder. Cookies with the vegan items – we think twice before going gaga for vegan options because so far, we know, the egg is an essential item. Dunkel Braun is the sanctuary of vegan cookies like red velvet and chocolate chips. Alternatively, if wondering about cookies to buy online you can visit us at https://dunkelbraun.com/buy-cookies-online/

chocochip cookies all time favorite

Best Cookie Hacks

Dunkel Braun has a different tradition of making these cookies. Like, use the muffin sheet to prepare the round-shaped cookies. Use butter in the dough for making cookies flaky enough.

New Addition to Salt Lake Area

Dunkel braun has come with cookie plaza in the Salt Lake area. Cookie lovers can also search for all available cookies to buy online. The difference between the two stores we have is that one in Deshapriya Park store caters to the residential needs whereas the plaza covers all the dessert lovers in and around Kolkata with its series of cakes and sweets freshly baked by the Dunkel braun team.

What is the USP of Dunkel Braun – Is it Another Bakery Shop?

Largest bakery in Kolkata - Dunkel braun

Let’s reveal the unique selling proposition Dunkel has – it is a plaza where cookie lovers can experience their different tastebuds in a vegetarian way and  Dunkel Braun founder, Sandeep Gupta, has stated that they have 30+ varieties of cookies to buy online or from Saltlake, Kolkata. 30+ – an unimaginable number! What if we can say that these cookies’ price lists are very much pocket pinch with just 150-200/-. The best place to buy cookies is in Salt Lake, Kolkata, the Dunkel braun shop.  Out of many cookies brand in India, Dunkel Braun with its delicious cookie items has covered the pocket pinch cookies price in India.


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