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Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifts Online: Why they're important for your team

The concept of corporate gifting and finding the best corporate gifts online has been around for quite some time. In fact, it dates back to ancient times when kings and queens would send gifts to each other. However, today, we see a lot of innovation in the way companies give their employees, customers, partners, and even themselves. Corporate gifting is a great way to show your appreciation to your employees, clients, and partners. It’s a great way to build relationships and strengthen ties within your organization. You don’t need to break the bank to make your gift memorable. There are plenty of options available online and offline.

Companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and many others have come up with innovative ways to make corporate gifting easier and more effective. It is believed that the first gift given to someone was a fruit basket. So we have come up with our very own Bakery Basket for you and your team.

Gifting beyond festivals: Corporate Gifts Online

Corporate gifting has come a long way from the mandatory corporate gifts to clients, employees, or acquaintances during the time of Diwali or other festivities. Corporate hampers are now a thing all across the world, be it for a new joinee, celebrating success parties or saying goodbye to a retiree. And nothing could be sweeter for anyone looking for something delicious to binge on. Dunkel braun has made this job easier for you by bringing to you carefully curated corporate gift boxes.

Explore the extensive range of corporate gifts online from Dunkel braun

Dunkel braun has always been a keen admirer of exotic flavors mixed with different indigenous tastes, deriving a perfect product. With our gifting range, you can find that luxurious experience and the joy of gifting, be it for your employees or clients. So this festive season, if you are looking for corporate gift shops near me, look no more. Dunkel braun brings to you a whole array of corporate gifts online at affordable prices and with ease of ordering, packed with delicious treats that everyone will love. We know that nothing beats the game when it comes to delicious treats and, as our name comes from the far lands of Germany, it is where the people believe in not counting calories but making memories around delicious food.

For most of us, the sector of our jobs is our second home, and in many different ways we celebrate the small successes, happiness, and even bad times together. These times even get much better when shared over tasty treats.Let’s find out the different types of delightful gift boxes and business present ideas.

Corporate Gift Hampers

Whether you are wondering about Diwali gift ideas for clients or employees or about the variety of corporate gifts online available, Dunkel braun brings to you a range of corporate gift hampers curated discreetly and filled with cookies, munchies, puffs, handmade chocolates and various other delectable treats. These corporate gift hampers are great business present ideas, be it for Diwali, Holi, or Eid.


Personalized Corporate Gifts Online

Curate your own corporate gift box with that special personal touch to it. Dunkel braun presents to you the convenience of customizing your own corporate gifts online and getting them delivered right to your desks. Nothing is more exceptional than a gift box prepared with special or personal influence, and here at Dunkel braun we know the message it conveys of the rare occasion or individual.


Corporate Gifts Online

At Dunkel braun it is a hassle free journey to order your corporate gifts online on our official website. We have always aimed to provide the finest products with premium quality and make sure you get the most satisfying online gifting experience.

We at Dunkel braun, being the largest bakery and cafe in Kolkata, are equipped with the finest pastry chefs and bakers to ensure only the best is served to you. Be it the season of celebrations or a special occasion, corporate gifts to employees, office staff, and clients are something that goes hand in hand. Find your perfect match for business presents here. If cookies are your employees’ favorite thing, then the Floral Cookie Box is the one for you. Or if you want to share the taste of different exotic flavors, then the Celebration Box contains Baklava, Dry Cake, Muffins, and Cookies.

Why choose Dunkel braun for your next corporate event? For most of us, finding the convenience of ordering corporate gifts online is highly efficient, and here at Dunkel braun we understood the assignment. And if you are wondering what makes us so special in the market when there are a lot of other different corporate gift companies, let’s see…

  • At Dunkel braun we believe in not counting calories but making memories over delicious treats, and memories become more special when shared and associated with different exquisite sweets and snacks.
  • When it comes to budget Dunkel braun brings to you corporate gift boxes at the most affordable range. Starting from only ₹500/-.
  • We understand the convenience of ordering corporate gifts online and its availability pan-India. Dunkel braun delivers your corporate gift hampers and boxes to your doorstep in whichever corner of the country you are.
  • Whether you want to celebrate a milestone, or appreciate that star employee of your company, we know how customization is needed. Personalize your corporate gift box and treat them with different deliciousness.
  • At Dunkel braun we make sure to deliver products with premium quality. We have a range of products made with zero preservatives and are 100% veg.
  • Additionally, Dunkel Braun can assist you in finding the best corporate gift for employees, colleagues, clients, or even business partners, considering personality, age, occasion, and relationship.

Each year we go through different stores to search for Diwali gift ideas for clients, business partners, and employees. This festive season, cut the chase and order your corporate gifts online from the official site of Dunkel braun and establish a stronger relationship with them.


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