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Dry Fruit Ladoo 150gms

160.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Honey Bee Slice 160gms

265.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Craving for Desserts online?

We know how hard it is to carve for desserts and yet count the calories each time you want to have your favourite desserts.

You love your desserts, and we know that.

Here at Dunkel braun, we solve your cravings by providing you with the best-baked desserts made with the freshest and finest ingredients that you can order online and enjoy in your comfort zone. With our range of baked gujiya you can explore your sweet tooth and sink into the lavish taste of them.

Order your sweet box be it any occasion or just to have a treat with yourself Dunkel braun has it all for you.

Buy Dessert Online from Dunkel braun.

Buy the best dessert online from Dunkel braun and have a sweet time. Get your sweet box today and enjoy a delicious time.

Explore the baked gujiya range from the house of Dunkel braun, you can find Wafer Crust Baked Gujiya loaded with exquisite nuts, peanuts, pistachio, and honey and baked till delicious golden brown and give you that crunch just like a wafer. These come in a jar of 280 gms and are a perfect sweet box gift for any occasion.

You can also sink your teeth into the rich taste of the Chocolate Gujiya. This is a unique type of Gujiya from the house of Dunkel braun which is made with a rich chocolate crust and loaded with crunchy cashews, pistachios, and almonds, and blended with honey. After baking them to beautiful golden these gujiyas are dipped in chocolate to give that delicious outer chocolate crust. These Chocolate Gujiya come in a jar for 200 gms and are made for every occasion and every gifting option.

You can also buy Baked Gujiya online from Dunkel braun, these have a delectable taste with the flavour of cardamom as you bite into them. Loaded with pistachio, peanuts, and cashews coated in honey they are bound to bring that filling smile to your face. These come in jars of 250 gms and buy dessert online.

Another dessert that is perfect for every special occasion is the Dry Fruit Laddo of ours. Packed with every kind of dry fruit you can think of be it pistachio, walnuts, peanuts, or raisins and are a perfect blend of both healthy dessert and sweet treat. These ladoos don’t make you worry about the calories rather are a much more filling snack post-workout. These are available in sweet boxes of 150gms each.

There are also the Honey Bee Slices that are also known as the peanut chikki, these slices are a perfect snack without worrying about the calories and are made with only natural ingredients. Dunkel braun is Kolkata’s Largest Cafe and Bakery and makes desserts with pure vegan ingredients.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s super simple and easy to make, but still shows off your love of food, look no further than a box of Baklava and buy dessert online.

You can get the Baked Dessert Combo Box (Pack of 4) where you get a box of Roll Baklava which contains 9 pieces of them, a box of Tart Baklava which contains 6 pieces of it, a box of Pyramid Baklava which contains 8 pieces of them and a pack of Honey Bee Slices which is 160gms.