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Diwali Gift Box : Make This Diwali Special

Diwali Gift box curated for happiness for your family and loved ones!

Looking for the perfect Diwali gift box? Look no further than Dunkel braun! With the season of lights and merrymaking comes the time of sharing and celebrating festivals together.

Diwali is one such festival in our country, and like any other festival in India, celebrations take place with great presents, food, family and friends coming together.

Diwali is a festival that celebrates the achievements of good karma and peace. It is a time when people like to give gifts and share their blessings.

It’s the most important festival in the Hindu calendar and takes place in October or November. It marks the end of the fall harvest season and the beginning of winter. Families gather to clean their homes, decorate with vibrant colours, and share gifts and food with friends and family members.

On the occasion of Diwali, it is the perfect time to get ready to celebrate with your loved ones, and for most, that means buying unique gifts and treats to show them how much you cherish them. And it’s not just about finding the perfect one for your families but also an ideal corporate Diwali gift box.

If you’re celebrating Diwali this year, then you’re probably already well aware of the time crunch that comes with it. You must make multiple stops to get all the supplies you need, from clothes and accessories to sweets and snacks, and that means having enough time to do it all!

But if you’re short on time this year, it could be a boon to you. Try something new by ordering your snacks and sweets in advance through Dunkel Braun.

Dunkel Braun has put together a perfect Diwali gift box filled with some of our most delicious cookies and snacks, available just in time for Diwali! And if you are running out of gifting ideas on Diwali, then you must not miss this blog.

Assorted sweetnspicy front Diwali Gift Box : Make This Diwali SpecialAssorted sweet spicy Diwali Gift Box : Make This Diwali Special

Diwali gift box: Snacks and Sweets from Dunkel braun

On the occasion of Diwali, families and friends gather to celebrate the festival with gifts and food. While it is time to make memories and enjoy, we are aware of how much trouble you go through to decide and find the best Diwali gift box for your family and friends.

Celebrations are a part of our heritage and looking for Diwali gift hampers for corporates is something that boosts the mood of any serious corporate sector on the occasion of Diwali.

Exchanging gifts with your family and friends is something that has been a part of our culture. Finding the best Diwali gift ideas is a task in itself, but Dunkel braun has already solved this problem of yours.

Check out our blog on – Celebrate Diwali with Dunkel braun: 6 Diwali Gift Ideas That’ll Make You Smile.

Each year you search for Diwali gift shops near me be it for your family or for corporate Diwali gift box and look through various sweet shops, but this year why not you try out something new from the house of Dunkel braun.

If you’re planning to create that perfect Diwali gift box and add some bling to your gifts to surprise your guests and loved ones, or even corporate Diwali gift box, then Dunkel braun is here to help. Let’s look through some of the gifting ideas for Diwali this year.

Planning gifts on a budget is something that we all need help with, and on the occasion of Diwali, you can create your own little Diwali gift box with savoury snacks from our online store.

For Diwali gift under 500, you can get the tasty puffs or the crunchy makhana. Welcome your guests on the occasion of Diwali with the Butter Fenugreek (methi) Puff, Cumin Seed (jeera) Puff, or even the Spinach (Palak) Puff.

For your Diwali gift ideas, you can make your own delicious gift hamper. Along with the traditional sweets and gifts, these puffs, with each of their different flavours, are made with the finest ingredients by our skilled pastry chefs.

You can also add a jar of crunchy makhana. Get the Makahan Peri Peri, the Makhana Tangy Tomato, or you can even get the Makhana Mint and Lime.

Each of these snacks comes in a range of 100 to 200 rupees, turning out to be the perfect Diwali gift under 500.

Diwali blog 01 1 Diwali Gift Box : Make This Diwali Special

Cookies & Cakes A Perfect Diwali Gift Box

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India. It is a time when people like to give gifts and share their blessings, as well as indulge in sweets and snacks.

This Diwali, make it a special occasion by spending time with your loved ones and trying out a new dish you’ve never tried before or an old favourite that you haven’t had in a while. There’s no reason not to make your taste buds happy this year.

This year, why not try something new? Put cookies instead of regular sweets in your Diwali gift box!

When it comes to Diwali gift ideas, something unique and new is always a good bet, and though traditional sweet gifting is good, finding new gifting ideas on Diwali is a great way to surprise your receivers.

Cookies from the house of Dunekl braun can be your perfect corporate Diwali gifts online. In every corporate sector, keeping the team bond going on and celebrating festivals together is a great way to make the workplace more fun and exciting for the employees.

This year, on the occasion of Diwali, find the best corporate Diwali gifts online with a jar of uncommon flavours of cookies and cakes.

Prepare your Diwali gift box with the jar of cookies from Dunkel braun. If you want something exclusive and unique, our cookie jars are made for you. Get the Pizza cookie jar if you have a genuine love for Italian essence.

And if you are planning to give corporate Diwali gifts online, then get the Mix Dry Fruit Cookies, the Honey Almond Cookies, or the Cinnamon French Palmier Cookies as your corporate Diwali gifts.

These cookies are the perfect ones to go with the festivals, filled with dried fruits and honey, they are full of energy and packed with a savoury taste.

You can also get unique cookies like the Coriander Chilli Cookies, a jar of Chocolate Cashew Cookies, or the Cashew Tasty Cookies, which can be the ideal sweet cookies for your Diwali gift box.

In the salted cookies, you can get the Jeera Butter Cookies, the Sev Salted Cookies, or the Ajwain Jalebi Cookies. These cookies are made with unconventional ingredients and have the perfect balance of spices.

Cakes have been part of our celebration all along, and Dunkel braun has the best dry cakes, be it the Blueberry Dry Cake, the Marble Dry Cake, or the dry fruit-filled Dry Fruit Cake.

And if all these options are confusing and you require much of an organised Diwali gift box then Dunkel braun some of the best Gift boxes for you.

DB Front Diwali Gift Box : Make This Diwali Special

One Stop to Dunkel braun For Diwali Gift Box

Gift boxes make it quite a hassle-free arrangement for us to know what to give to our loved ones, and with the bustle of festivals, it is quite a task to decide what to put in your Diwali gift box. Well, don’t worry, Dunkel braun has it all figured out.

In this festival of lights, share the joy of sharing and gifting with Dunkel braun. Let’s explore some of the gift boxes and you can decide which one suits your taste best. With these Diwali gift boxes from Dunkel braun, you can convey the warmth of traditions during this festive season.

Treat your loved ones to a royal treat this festive season. A gorgeously decorated gift box called the “Royal Gift Box” contains Turkish baklava and premium homemade cookies. Featuring premium homemade cookies and Turkish baklava, the Royal Gift box is a gorgeously decorated gift.

And if you are looking for the best corporate Diwali gift box online, then don’t miss out on the Large and Regular Assorted Baklava boxes on the occasion of Diwali. Find all the different varieties of this Turkish dessert from the house of Dunkel braun.

Gifting the ideal Diwali gift box is real struggle and the pressure gets high when you have to get gifts for corpoarte sector. Dunkel braun is perfect hub for finding your corporate Diwali gift box at the most affordable prices making it easier for you to get it delivered to your desks at your desired time.


Diwali is a time when people like to share their blessings with loved ones and make memories. It is also a time when people like to indulge in sweets and snacks, sometimes even binge on them.

Here at Dunkel braun, we have all the tools you need to make your celebration better this year! We’ve got cookies, cakes, and snacks for everyone—Whether you’re looking for an indulgent nibble or something that will last you until next year, Dunkel braun has what you need.

Share the Light with our Diwali Gift Box

Diwali is one of the most joyous festivals of India and something that you, me and everyone around us wait for like crazy. Have you ever thought about why it makes us so excited about this particular festival?

Is it the different types of food that gather up on the table? The ladoos, barfi or the delicious treats from the house of Dunkel braun? Or the decorations that inform us that it’s that festivities are near?

But maybe it’s those small little ‘Diya’s that rises the bubbles in our stomachs and make us aware that Diwali is here.

This is what Google says about the meaning of ‘Diya’…

“a small cup-shaped oil lamp made of baked clay.”

Each year we see the markets and bazaars get filled with little earthen diyas but have you ever wondered about who makes these little diyas?

This Diwali Dunkel braun is asking to follow that little diya of yours and see from which hands they came from.

With our Diwali gift boxes, we’re sending you something more special in them this year. Each gift box is filled with some small cups of light made from the hands of underprivileged children who want to share their warmth of hard work with everyone.

This Diwali, just like you share the joy and deliciousness of treats from the house of Dunkel braun, but also share the warmth of love and care with these little joys who create these Diyas with hope and desire to share their warmth.

This Diwali, we want to remind you of the different ways light can enter your life and brighten it up, just like sweetness does. So this Diwali, do more than just light a little cup of light—be one.

Happy Diwali!



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