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Most Popular Kolkata Cafe & Largest bakery – Dunkel braun

banner02 Most Popular Kolkata Cafe & Largest bakery - Dunkel braun

Sweets have been a great part of the lifestyle of the people of this city. The city of joy and its obsession with food has always been unquenchable. To satiate this thirst various Kolkata cafes have been contributing to it.

And now handing out to this sweet passion Dunkel braun is happily serving you to savor each flavor be it sweet or salty, local or foreign.

The cafe presents to you the widest range of cookies, cakes, and bread, and is among the largest cafes in Kolkata. Be it the season of festivals or a gathering with your loved ones or friends or family, Dunkel braun is the new destination Kolkata cafe for hangout.

Wondering how? Let’s explore!

How did we become one of the largest Kolkata cafes: Dunkel braun’s Behind Story

Starting with our first outlet at Sarat Bose Road, this Kolkata cafe became the best place to hang out and enjoy coffee with cookies and savories, catering mainly to the people of South Kolkata. But with growing popularity and demands from Salt Lake and Newtown, the cafe unfolded its new space.

The cafe owner Sandeep Gupta hails from a family of food production and distribution on a large scale giving him the ample experience and opportunity to set up one of the Largest Cafes in Kolkata – Dunkel braun.

His aim is to cater to you with an unforgettable taste of foreign cuisine blended with Indian spices all combined with exquisite baked goods.

Furthermore, this bakery is not limited to just a few varieties of baked goods, but rather it offers an extensive range turning up to be an experience center and providing a unique bakery shopping experience as well as a place to ease off and take a break.

Now with such praising, you may ask what we do that makes us apart? Well, there are quite a few…

What makes us different from the other Kolkata cafe?

With so many cafes in Kolkata, the common question may arise what is so unique that you will choose Dunkel braun for your next outing? Let me tell you why so.

We have the widest range of cookies and breads which are of diverse flavors.

Some of the unique cookies that we offer are made with Indian spices– Ajwain Jalebi Cookies, Coriander Chilli Cookies, and Pizza Cookies made from Italian herbs blend, and many more, that will get you awed.

Keeping in mind the hectic and health craving lifestyle in modern days Dunkel braun has come up with 12 varieties of sugar-free cookies.

Other bakery items that we cater to are an extensive array of international loaves of bread be it the Sourdough of Germany, the Baguette of France, Italian herb bread, and panini. But it’s not only about cookies, DB is popular for recipes made out of pure veg ingredients.

They provide a range of dry cakes which you can accompany with your tea times or check out the celebration cakes meant to fit perfectly for your special occasions. The newest addition to their broad menu is Muffins.

The key attraction of exotic and international flavors here at DB is the Turkish Baklava which also can be pronounced as “Bak-LOVE-aa”. You get to taste 3 versions of baklava here, the Tart, the Pyramid, and the Roll.

There is absolutely nothing in this Turkish Baklava that you cannot like! No filling is too much filling when it comes to Baklava dessert. It is an endearing combination of pistachios, almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts forming a perfect dish that demands sheer artistic involvement in its preparation.

Here at Dunkel Braun, we guarantee you that this baked sweet hit the right notes. The first sight will make you drool, the first touch will make you feel the perfect texture and softness.

Only to leave you with the experience, and make you ask, ‘Can I have more?’ Sure, you can have more, just simply order the assorted baklava box and get to taste all the three versions of our baklava in one go.

Now imagine a happening office party and you need the perfect corporate gift box for your colleagues, don’t worry Dunkel braun has got you covered. It’s among the best cafes in Kolkata providing you with curated items something to fill both your heart and stomach.

Hopefully, with so much praising of food and bakery items, you surely want to know where we are and how we came up with such a name.

3 4 Most Popular Kolkata Cafe & Largest bakery - Dunkel braun

Know Why You Cannot Call Us Drunken brown, But Dunkel braun

Dunkel braun the name itself is such intriguing that you may probably be wondering what it means. In the German language, the word Dunkel braun is a substitute for Dark Brown, which also holds a significance of color which is the hue of perfection sought by every baker.

This color scheme is also kept in mind while decorating the inside of the cafe. The warm tones of brown do associate with the bakery products coming fresh out of the oven here.

The place is furnished with a wooden floor and chairs, adding to the coziness of the space. A warm ambiance is created by lighting and the presence of books and games shelves. This nature of aesthetic ambiance also counts it into the Instagram-friendly cafes in Kolkata.

With a floor area of 4,400 sq. ft. and a sitting arrangement of nearly 84 seats the two-tire cafe is known to be the largest cafe in Kolkata. The first floor overlooks the busy Salt Lake Road.

Looking for us? Look no more!

If after all this intriguing information you’re wondering where to find us, then let me solve it for you. You can easily find us on various social media platforms.

Looking for us on the Instagram search for @Dunkelbraun there, you can follow us and know all the recent advancements of the cafe. You can call us instagrammable Kolkata cafe.

Follow us on our Facebook page Dunkel braun and tag us whenever you visit us physically. You can also contact us through Whatsapp and customize your orders.

Its growing popularity and the cozy ambiance have turned this cafe into quite a place to hang out and chill. This has given us the opportunity to serve both the north and south parts of Kolkata. The two branches are in Deshopriya Park, Sarat Bose Road of South Kolkata, and in the North part, we are at Bidhan Nagar, Sector 1, Salt Lake.

pic 1 Most Popular Kolkata Cafe & Largest bakery - Dunkel braun

This Kolkata cafe has become a one-stop destination for both sweet and exquisite food items. With super-skilled chefs and trained staff, the cafe is a true paradise for anyone who loves food with friends and family.

As you enter the cafe the aroma of freshly-baked cookies cheers up the soul, a display of baking goodness to choose from, and a warm and inviting ambiance to relax in, isn’t it favorable?

There is a bunch of cafes in Kolkata, but you should certainly come to Dunkel braun to have not just the delicious cakes, cookies, and savory items but also for the experience of exclusive bakery shopping.



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    If you are to work from a cafe, with an ambience and good food.

    This place is then a must-go cafe.

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    Love your cakes and baklavas! It’s a must try!!!!!!!

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