Puja Special Gift Box

Puja Special Cookies

Gourmet Muesli Cookies 200gms/Jar


Gourmet Ginger Cookies 200gms/Jar


Chocolate Cashew Cookies 200gms/Jar


Coriander Chilli Cookies 200gms/Jar


Multigrain Cookies 200gms/Jar


Coconut Milk Cookies 150gms/Jar


Durga Puja Gifts Online for Corporate

This Durga Puja don’t just make your family and friends surprised and awed at your gifting skills include your colleagues into the party too.Find the perfect gift for your team with the Durga Puja gifts ideas from the house of Dunkel braun. We know how clueless you are when it comes to impressing the corporate zone with delicious gifts, which is why Dunkel braun has the perfect stuff in store.

You can find the ideal combo offers for your colleagues or employees. Order the combos online, a perfect way to get more in a budget friendly way. Get your hands on the Cookie Combo Pack of 4 where you have four different flavors of cookies in one pack. Or for more you can get the Cookie Combo Pack of 6 which is loaded with six different varieties of cookies.

Still wondering for more Durga Puja gift ideas, well no worries we’re not done. If you want to get your colleagues awed then you can find all sorts of cookies here. Order cookies online from our official site. For gourmet recipes, get your hands on some Gourmet Honey Oats Cookies or Gourmet Peanut Butter Cookies. And if your seniors are health conscious then get them a box of Sugar-Free Badam Lachha Cookies,. Sugar-Free Multigrain Cookies and even the Sugar-Free Cookie Combo.

Sweets for Durga Puja Gifts Online

In this festive season, if you’re wondering where to find the best Durga Puja gifts online or offline, then here is what Dunkel braun brings, bringing their gifts range that are carefully curated for this festival. Sweets are an inevitable part of our customs and celebrations, though when it comes to Durga Puja Gift ideas, we most of the time ignore the option of gifting a delicious sweet gift box. This year make an exception and try out the different appetizing products from the house of Dunkel braun.

If you’re wondering where to start, and sweet items are what you want for gifting, then let us introduce you to the sweet cookies that will make your guests amazed. You can get the Assorted Sweet & Spicy Cookie Box, providing the perfect box with a taste of different flavors all gathered in one place.

Another charm of Dunkel braun is the exotic Turkish dessert – Baklava, an absolute dessert for any celebration. This sweet is meant for sharing and, obviously, for gifting during this season of festivals. For this year’s Durga Puja gifts get the Golden Assorted Baklava Box, a box full of three different varieties of baklava and a perfect treat for this festive season. And if your guest are sweet lovers and health freaks then you can present them with a box of Dry Fruits Ladoo or some Honey Bee Slices. These are perfect for having a guilt-free snacking mood.    

FAQ Section on Durga Puja

Bengalis do have a big soft spot for Durga Puja and it is also such a festival that is culturally and traditionally rich in every aspect. It is the time when we love to do pandal hopping, or search for near Durga Puja pandal, or look for new delicacies and hang out with friends and family.  This is the time of celebration that makes us Bengalis enjoy shopping, tasting different delicious foods, and partying harder. But along with different festivals,it is also necessary to understand the significance of those festivals.

The association of it with the region and why it so grandly celebrated or how even it got it’s origin in the different parts of Bengal. Let’s uncover some of your doubts regarding Durja Puja.

If you wonder why Durga Puja is celebrated, it’s to commemorate Durga’s victory over the shape-shifting asura Mahishasura. It is a harvest festival that celebrates the goddess as the motherly power behind all life and creation.

The festival honors the Goddess Durga and her victory over the monster Mahishasur. It is also claimed that Lord Rama worshiped the Goddess Durga in order to obtain heavenly graces before fighting Ravana.

The first Durga puja in Kolkata was most likely organized in 1610 by the Sabarna Roychowdhury family of Behala, on Calcutta’s southern outskirts. During the 17th century, a few additional landlords organized the puja in the regions of Hooghly, Bardhaman, and Nadia.

Even though both celebrations take place at the same time, there is a little difference between the two in terms of religious procedures and celebration style. While Navratri is celebrated in the north and west of India, Durga Puja is the most important festival in Bengal and other eastern Indian regions.

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