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Gift of Raksha Bandhan for Sister: 5 easy DIYs

Choose best gift of Raksha Bandhan for sister from Dunkel braun

Raksha Bandhan in 2022 is just around the corner and you’re wondering what to gift of Raksha Bandhan for sister and brother? Don’t fret just look for Dunkel braun.

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is the festival of love and affection, where sisters tie a holy thread around their brothers’ wrists and pray for their well-being. The festival is marked by brother-sister bonding and gift giving.

It’s considered to be one of the most important festivals in Hinduism where sisters tie rakhis on their brother’s wrists as a mark of love and affection to protect them from all evil influences, physical or mental for the entire year.

Each year we know how much you struggle to find the perfect gift for your siblings. But this year, Dunkel braun suggests easy DIYs gifts for sister and brother.

As festivals and celebrations are a part of our cultural entity, so is the exchange of gifts and on this Raksha Bandhan in 2022 we’ve got you covered with these five simple DIYs that will make your siblings even more adoring of you!

Creating something with adoration and love for your loved ones is something that the idea itself is a very special way to convey your love and DIY gifts make a long-lasting impression through them.

These Raksha Bandhan hamper ideas are meant not only enjoyable to make but also to remain in the memory of your siblings for a long time. Continue reading this blog to learn more!

Gift of Raksha Bandhan for Sister: Create DIY Recipes with Dunkel braun.

The celebrations of Raksha Bandhan are always special among sisters and brothers and as we all are aware the festival has not remained contained to only biological relations. And the exchange of gifts is something that is very involuntary among us.

This year 11th August is the Raksha Bandhan date in India and Dunkel braun has kept everything planned for you for this special day with your siblings.

Whether you searching for the gift of Raksha Bandhan for sister or brother, it’s always a gamble of taste and constant change of demands. But nothing can go wrong with a tasty treat and this year we plan on sharing some of the DIY rakhi ideas for gifting to your siblings.

Celebrations of Rakhi can’t go without great food and in the Raksha Bandhan sweets are something that you can’t ditch at all.

If you intend to surprise your siblings with something that you have created the Dunkel braun is your best bet.

On this Raksha Bandhan in 2022 if you’re looking for DIY rakhi ideas for gifting and making a memorable time with your brother and sisters then create some of the unique recipes.

Let’s explore some of the easy recipes that you can create for your siblings:

  1. Cookies are a great dessert that makes anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside. Get your hands on the Chocochip Cookies from the Sweet cookies section and create their favourite ice cream and top it up with this giving it that crunchy and chocolaty feel.

If you’re looking for something unique to top your vanilla ice cream without following the conventional chocolate then you can get the Chocolate Cashew Cookies or the Cinnamon French Palmier Cookies to get that ultimate twist to your gift of Raksha Bandhan for sister.

2. For Raksha Bandhan’s brother’s gift if you are wanting to create something tasty and addicting then you can make cookie butter.

You can get the Gourmet Ginger Cookies or the Osmania Cookies, crush them in a jar mixed them up with unsalted butter and a bit of vanilla extract. These DIY rakhi ideas are a good way to make your sibling feel special and create a memorable Raksha Bandhan.

  1. On this Raksha Bandhan in 2022 if you are looking for something healthy for your siblings create a healthy salad with the chips and wafers from our snacks section.

You can start by slicing some cucumbers, onions and tomatoes into thin slices and use the healthy Corn chips or the Soya Wafers and give that crunchy twist to your healthy salads.

  1. If you want to create a lovely morning with your siblings then for this Raksha Bandhan sweets you can create cupcakes and mix crushed cookies with the batter.

The Coconut Milk Cookies or the Honey Almond Cookies go best in these recipes. Get the perfect crunch to your cupcakes and in every bite, you can get the best of flavours.

  1. For the occasion of Raksha Bandhan sweets are something that you can’t skip at any cost. From the online store of Dunkel braun, you can get the delicious Chocolate Brownie and create your own jar cake.

Take up a small jar and line it up with the tasty and gummy Chocolate brownie from the house of Dunkel braun and layer it up with whipped creme and decorate it with some sprinklers on the top.

Present a Gift of Raksha Bandhan for Sister in a Unique Way.

With the days closing in for the celebrations it becomes really a task for many of us to choose and select the best-fit gift for our siblings. This year from the kitchen of DB celebrate the Raksha Bandhan 2022 date with some amazing gifts.

We are here to provide you with some great Raksha Bandhan hamper ideas for your brother and sisters and help you celebrate this Raksha Bandhan in 2022 in a unique and memorable way.

When it comes to getting the gift of Raksha Bandhan for sister, who has the greatest sweet tooth in the family then don’t miss out on the Rahki Gift Hamper (Sweets) from Dunkel Braun.

Rakhi mobile Gift of Raksha Bandhan for Sister: 5 easy DIYsRakhi Gift Ideas - Buy Rakhi Gifts at Dunkel braun. Great combos available at affordable prices

For Raksha Bandhan sweets for siblings, we have the best ceremonial sweet the Turkish dessert – Baklava.

This Raksha Bandhan gift box in particular is a perfect sweet style fit for the celebration of siblinghood and enjoying it with family and friends.

It contains 6 pieces of Pyramid Baklava, 6 pieces of Tart Baklava, 8 pieces of Roll Baklava and 18 pieces of Honey Bee Slices costing only 1,350 rupees.

Other than sweet if you want something different for the Raksha Bandhan brother gift then get the Raksha Bandhan Hamper (Cookies).

For the gift of Raksha Bandhan for sister this cookies hamper is the best, holding all the sweet and savoury flavours in one box.

Contains 16 pieces of Kaju Pista Cookies, 16 pieces of Pistachio Milk Cookies, 16 pieces of Butter Badam Cookies and 16 pieces of Honey Almond Cookies costing only 750 rupees, this Raksha Bandhan gift box is an ultimate treat for your siblings.

Now if you are overwhelmed with all the Raksha Bandhan hamper ideas and wonder to take your siblings put for this Raksha Bandhan in 2022, then why not visit the Largest Cafe and Bakery in Kolkata?

Colorful India Raksha Bandhan Your Story 1 Gift of Raksha Bandhan for Sister: 5 easy DIYs DB Front Gift of Raksha Bandhan for Sister: 5 easy DIYs

Gift of Raksha Bandhan for Sister: Take them out for a treat

If you’re wondering why you should order food as a gift of Raksha Bandhan for sister or brother instead of taking your siblings to the Largest Cafe in Kolkata and enjoying the festival food of Dunkel braun, think again. Then stop resisting and simply come to DB to have fun with your family and friends.

It’s obvious that you can get all of the Raksha Bandhan sweets at Dunkel braun, but there’s still more that you can order, so let’s go through the menu and celebrate Raksha Bandhan in 2022.

It’s not only the Raksha Bandhan gift box that makes it so special but even more than the cafe has in store for you and your siblings. From the tastiest Biryanis to the delicious shakes or the addicting desserts that are made in-house with the best quality raw materials.

The Dunkel braun cafe is a perfect hub for vegetarians and gets you to taste some of the delicious cuisines from all around the world in their ideal vegan ways.

So this Raksha Bandhan 2022 date either get your hands on deck with DB and prepare some of the DIYs rakhi ideas that you find interesting from this blog or for the gift of Raksha Bandhan for sister and brother present them with a Raksha Bandhan gift box.

If the idea of hangout with your siblings and family is more appealing to you then we look forward to you visiting us and exploring the incredible menu of Dunkel braun.



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