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5 destinations to visit in Kolkata for ‘dessert-lover’!

banner10 5 destinations to visit in Kolkata for ‘dessert-lover’!


Statutory Warning: This blog is strictly not for those who define desserts as just a way to conclude your meals. If you count calories more than memories, you can skip this one.

However, if the title itself sent you on a sugar-rush, and if you are a Kolkatan by heart, you are about to thank us!

5. Chocolate Mousse Cake from Flurys

Chocolate, Cream, Sugar, Eggs and Butter…we do not know if anyone on earth is capable of creating anything called a ‘bad mousse’ with those ingredients. However there are degrees of goodness that varies. And considering these degrees, ‘Flurys’ is certainly one of the most premium Mousse experience providers in the town today. Since 1927, this confectionary has served to over five generation of sweet tooth holders, and has held an integral space in the history of Kolkata. 

The chocolate mousse from Flurys is nothing less than divine for cocoa-holics. Its smooth gooey texture, it’s indulging rich Couverture Chocolate base, it’s consistently blended mix, will keep you craving for more.

4. Lemon Tart from Kookie Jar

Having originated in France, lemon tarts are for those who have little quirkier taste in desserts. Centre packed with lemon fillings, lemon tarts need to be neither too sweet not too sour, to make your culinary buds go numb. Being an exclusive favourite of the ones who fall for eccentricity in taste, this dessert is best served when taken out of fridge just a few minutes before being devoured.

While Lemon Tarts are not a common favourite with most of the masses, for the few who like these delectables, Kookie Jar is their Mecca in Kolkata. The lemon fillings in  these tarts, put to use by Kookie Jar, is  s what makes their recipe unique. There is some secret ingredient that these confectioners use that will get you addicted to their lemon tarts, and you will  keep coming back time and again.

3. Rangoon Baked Milk from Burma Burma

Ganaches are favourites for dessert-addicts all over the globe. But imagine a mouth-melting vanilla whipped Ganache being brought your way accompanied by slices of almond nougatine & baked brioche that will hit your sensations at the right spots enough well to make you fall  for a foodgasm. That’s how we define the Rangoon Baked Milk, a Burmese Dish, from Kolkata recent-star-hub Burma- Burma.

Star chef, of the Burma-Burma crew, Vinesh Jhonny says it is one of those Burma-Burma specialities that will take you closest to the best of Burmese delicacy experience. And if you are heading here tonight you can as well take an attempt to taste their Pa La Ta & Tagu Pyian (we can bet you won’t regret!)

2. Italian Gelato from Picadilly Square

While custard base ice-creams and gelatos have already been brought to Kolkata by brands before-hand, the Italian Gelato presented to the food lovers of Kolkata by Piccadilly Square is far more softer, silkier and smoother in texture as compared to the age-old creamy feel of ice-creams that we are already accustomed to. Coming in an array of flavours the gelato experience offered by Piccadilly Square has earned it quite fame among cold-treat lovers in the town.

Gelatos are comparatively a healthier and tastier alternative to ice-creams. Churned out of milk at a much slower pace compared to the creation of ice-creams, the composition of Gelatos are much denser and low in fats than ice-cream.

And the best thing about these Picadilly Square Gelatos?

Their distinctly felt flavours that shines through your taste buds, each time you take a scoop!

1. Pyramid Baklavas from Dunkel Braun

And lastly presenting to you the show stealer, Dunkel Braun’s stellar Pyramid Baklavas that has created a quite a sound among the sugar craving Kolkatans. Having opened a hub that serves the most authentic Bakalavas in Kolkata at Bhowanipore, Dunkel Braun is the newest debutant, in this list of dessert servers to Kolkata. Serving something magnificent from the worlds of dry cakes, cookies, breads and rusks: Dunkel Braun’s baklavas are a perfect blend of Turkish and Greek baklava recipes, making them one of their kind!

Pistachios, honey, phyllos, almonds…and everything nice makes this an un-missable dessert to have this season for the sugar-tooth bearing DNAs.

This brings us to the end of today’s dessert voyage. Frankly we thought of adding on a few more dessert-destinations, but right now we are badly craving for something sweet, and thus got to say ‘till we meet again’. And if you too feel the same, you know the address of Dunkel Braun!

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