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Blueberry Dry Cake 300gms


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Chocolate Dry Cake 300gms


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Who says no to a tasty slice of cake? We know you don’t! For the cake lover in your heart, we at Dunkel braun have brought an extensive array of dry cakes to enjoy with your tea/coffee time and mouth filling brownies or muffins.

Find some of the delicious dry/tea cake recipes that are so simple yet made to fit right into your taste buds from the house of Dunkel braun.

It is your time to spend with your family or your friends, or just chilling with yourself. Nothing can beat the snack mode, and a perfect tea cake to enjoy your tea/coffee with is always pleasing.

Or at times when you want something to binge on with your sweet craving mood then brownies and muffins are your best partners. Dunkel braun is an expert in this, and you can find the perfect cakes from the Cakes Category in Kolkata and get them delivered right to your doorstep.

Buy Cakes Online From Dunkel braun

Shop for the tastiest tea cakes online, along with muffins and brownies from the house of Dunkel braun, and if you’re in Kolkata, then nothing is stopping you from ordering for yourself these delectable treats.

We know by now you’re puzzled by all the choices you’re finding on the different flavors of dry/tea cakes. Let’s help you out with some of the best ones to order and remember that all our cakes are delivered within the radius of Kolkata and not the outer-states.

If you’re a chocolate lover, you can fill carts with the box of Chocochip Dry Cake, a perfect tea cake loaded with chocochips, and with each bite it fills your mouth with the taste of rich chocolate.

Another chocolate tea cake that you can find at Dunkel braun is the Chocolate Dry Cake topped with thin sliced almonds. And if you’re looking for something that is a fusion of two flavors, then the Marble Dry Cake is to own your tea/coffee times.

If you’re looking for an exotic flavor, then you should definitely get your hands on the Blueberry Dry Cake, baked to perfection with pieces of blueberry filling your mouth with each bite.

The Dry Fruit Cake is a buttery delight made with dry fruits and nuts like cashews and walnuts is another loaded cake you can find at Dunkel Braun. An outstanding taste can be achieved with a simple recipe.

For the sweet craver in you, get your hands on the Muffins & Brownies from the house of Dunkel braun and order cake online.