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Dunkel braun: Original amazing story of baklava sweet

Enjoy Baklava sweet from Dunkel braun at Rs 400/9pieces

Baklava sweet, the name as well as the taste essentially radiates something unique and exquisite. The sweet dish Baklava is synonymous with the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. In the present times, Baklava from Turkey is indeed a common knowledge for everyone but the origin of this sweet delicacy is a topic of strong debate. Some vote of Greece while others vote for Turkey. But the fun part is that both these countries share a long history of making, innovating as well as enjoying Baklava sweet.

Many are of the opinion that Baklava was developed first in Persia and this is because the ‘va’ from ‘Baklava’ is Persian. History is proof that Greece, Rome, and Persia all mixed with one another at a certain point in time and thus it is very natural that Baklava has origins in the Middle East as a whole. Ultimately what is most fascinating is the way the Turkish- Greek sweet is loved and well accepted by people all over the world. And now it is available in the ‘City of Joy’- courtesy Dunkel braun.

Types of Baklava

Dunkel Braun primarily offers three types of BaklavasRolls, Tarts, Pyramids.

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Baklava Roll

Baklava Rolls are a unique Dunkel Braun creation which, as the name suggests are shaped in roll form. Dunkel Braun is the disruptor in the Kolkata Bakery scene as it is the first one to introduce Baklava Rolls. The magic here lies in making the paper-thin sheets in the roll shaped form. The roll shaped Baklava is best from the utility perspective. This Turkish delight will surely make you fall in love and you will say ‘Bak-LOVE-aa’!!! The succulent sweet dish is made of filo or phyllo dough and is covered with an overload of healthy and flavoursome nuts which will make your taste buds go gaga!
So move over unhealthy cream rolls, egg/chicken rolls and grab some Baklava rolls to make your day better! These comes in classy box and there are nine pieces in it which means nine times the relishing!

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Baklava Pyramid

Baklava Pyramid is a yet another creative delight from the house of Dunkel Braun. The best part of the Baklava Pyramid is that the fillings can be seen from outside. The unique pyramid shape is visually attractive as the structure works as a boundary which keeps the fillings enclosed in a circular space. Baklava Pyramid is a game changer and attracts curious foodies who feel at the top of the world after trying them out! The Baklava mithai is the only kind of desert in which the filling is exposed to add to the beauty and elegance. A perfect balance of taste and art- Baklava Pyramids are nested bowls with rich fillings of nuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts etc. When you see the colourful fillings, it surely adds a different touch to the whole experience of eating Baklava.

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Baklava Tart

Baklava Tarts is a Turkish sweet dish with a mouth full of goodness balanced with overloads of nuts and crispy filo. The nuts in the Turkish Baklava tart gives good number of healthy carbs, fat and protein. The Filo dough is an exclusive ingredient and made using various extracts specific to region. Why Baklava is so special? It’s because of the sheer craftsmanship involved. It is amazing how a dish from Greece, Turkey ultimately travelled to India and made its place in the heart and mind of the people. It is only because of Dunkel Braun we are getting to enjoy this. A perfect combination of nutty, flaky, and honeylicious tart. If you like pistachio-based desserts then our Baklava Tarts are  made for you.

Is Baklava sweet Veg?

Yes, 100%. Baklava sweet is 100% a vegetarian dish with the goodness of nuts and mind it, the whole thing is baked and not fried. We are living in such a time where health is considered the biggest wealth and each one of us is trying to eat healthily and live better. But in the process of eating healthy, at times we also end up craving some outside food, some sweets dishes, and some ‘unhealthy’ snacks. This breaks our routine and we end up gorging on more than is needed. Then we go on a guilt trip and the whole fun factor goes away!

Dunkel braun decided to take care of this issue because for them the customer’s wish and preference are always the first priority. Thus, they came up with this unique Baklava sweet that can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Right from scratch if you have a look at the ingredient list, you will see that every item falls in the category of ‘veg’. Many other recipes of Baklava sweet use an egg wash while sticking the phyllo sheet but here in Dunkel braun we simply use water. So, it is perfectly safe for vegetarians to eat it.

Never before we have come across a sweet dish that can be had without any guilt or worry. The nuts have good amount of vitamins and minerals, the phyllo sheet is extremely thin and baked not fried so there is no risk of too many carbs, the syrup can be very well made from honey or jaggery which is a healthier substitute to sugar.

Baklava sweet recipe

The one ingredient which is needed in abundance to prepare Baklava sweet is – Love for desserts! Apart from that, we need nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, melted butter, cinnamon powder, sugar, honey, water, lemon juice, lemon zest, and phyllo sheets. The process begins by mixing all the items to make the filling. Some almond, walnut, pistachio powder, sugar, and cinnamon powder along with a dollop of butter are to be taken in a mixing bowl. Mix all the items gently and keep them aside. Now comes the part that needs skills. The phyllo sheets need to be folded into half and then butter is to be applied to the sheet which is facing upwards.

On the baking sheet the baklavas of your desired shape should be placed seam side down. There must proper distance between Baklavas so that each gets baked properly. Take some mixture, put it on the sheet, and start rolling. Do not forget to apply butter on the side which is rolled up already. Make sure to fill the filling even after the halfway rolling is done.

This way you get the onrush of fillings in every bite, every layer of the Baklava. Now cut the sheets into the shapes you want and put them on the baking tray. Brush them with butter and put them in the 180 C preheated oven. Allow the whole thing to bake for 15-20 minutes and when you see the colour turning to a golden brown, you know magic has been made.

The final step is to dunk the Baklava into the syrup which is made by boiling either honey or sugar with some lemon juice. Once the tasty Baklavas are dipped into the syrup for about four to five hours garnish them with your favorite nuts and enjoy!

Tart baklava at your service for good vibes

Baklava near me- Dunkel braun

Some things just cannot be expressed in words. One needs to experience it. Such is the case with the sweet delicacy Baklava. Until and unless one orders the Turkish delight Baklava sweet from Dunkel braun one can never really fathom what they are missing out on. Baklava is hand crafted in Dunkel braun by the finest bakers, and it reaches you in a jiffy! Dunkel braun is the first place in Kolkata to offer authentic Baklava. A piece of Turkey in Kolkata and that too is reaching your home when you order online. Relish the crispy, nutty, honey melt in your mouth and satiate your soul- all from the comfort of your home.

Dunkel braun is the other name for innovation, experiment, and guaranteed satisfaction! Dunkel braun is now at two places- Deshapriya Park and Salt Lake; your friendly bakery is now in your neighborhood. If you had a really bad day at your office or just having the usual mood swings, just order Baklava Online from Dunkel braun. Good food is always equivalent to a good mood.! Get Baklava sweet at affordable rates delivered straight to your home. Share the news and earn praises, blessings, and love from your near and dear ones!

Visit Dunkel braun for good vibes

One can order directly from the store or can do it via food delivery partners like Zomato.  Dunkel braun promises to engage all your senses totally with the crunchiest and creamiest ever Baklava sweet with rich nutty fillings. Baklava Rolls, tarts, and pyramids are top-notch health-wise as well as taste-wise so that you can indulge in guilt-free snacking. In the whole fiasco of work from home and work for home, you surely deserve a break, a ‘me time’ to recharge your body, mind and soul. And what can be better than ordering Baklava online from Dunkel braun.
Buy from Dunkel braun- https://dunkelbraun.com/product-category/baked-sweets/baklava/

Visit any of their stores or order online – do what you please but engage in the Dunkel braun Baklava sweet experience for a trip around the world!




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