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Ajwain Jalebi Cookies 200gms/Jar

165.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Atta Cookies 200gms/Jar

145.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Coriander Chilli Cookies 200gms/Jar

170.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Cornflakes Cookies 200gms/Jar

180.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Jeera Butter Cookies 200gms/Jar

160.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Multigrain Cookies 200gms/Jar

170.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Osmania Cookies 200gms/Jar

160.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Pizza Cookies 200gms/Jar

130.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Sev Salted Cookies 200gms/Jar

170.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Homemade Salted Cookies

Something to munch on is something that we as Indians love to do in our leisure time or even at work. Dunkel braun brings to you a full array of salted cookies.

These cookies are made out of uncommon ingredients bringing out unique flavours in each and every one of the cookies. You can find cookies that have a blend of the Italian herbs or ones made with Indian Spices making you wonder how a cookie can be called spicy.

Dunkel braun has such a wide range and has always been able to question the conventional methods along with creating amazement for everyone that bites into these cookies.

You can find some of the unique flavours of cookies here at the most affordable range and if you are a foodie with a different approach to food, then there are more than 30+ varieties of cookies that you can choose from in Dunkel braun.

Buy Salted Cookies Online from Dunkel braun

Shop from Dunkel braun and explore the wide range of salted cookies that are available and you can easily buy cookies online from their official website.

There are some unique cookies in this section that will catch your attention for sure like the Pizza Cookies is something that you can never even think of. A mix of Italian herbs in the cookie dough is particularly unique in nature.

Another unconventional flavour that you can find here is the Coriander Chilli Cookies. WE KNOW YOU’RE READING IT TWICE. The Coriander Chilli Cookies is something that sells the most from our online portal and you can have a glance at the unique flavours of cookies mixed with Indian spices.

Other salted cookies with a mix of spices are the Ajwain Jalebi Cookies and the Jeera Butter Cookies. If you question the fact that cookies and spices don’t go together then you should right away have a taste of these two.

These cookies bring out the flavour of these spices so well that it makes you unstoppable to munch on them.

Another set of cookies that are highly popular from the house of Dunkel braun is the Atta Cookies, the Multigrain Cookies and the Sev Salted Cookies.

These cookies from the house of Dunkel braun have blended salted sev and cookies to give a magical experience of salted cookies with altogether different flavours. The carbohydrates in these cookies provide energy, while the protein will help fill you up.