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This season, let’s spread love, the Dunkel braun way!

banner09 This season, let’s spread love, the Dunkel braun way!

At Dunkel Braun…we create ‘relations’ while we ‘create for relations’.

We humans believe in relationships since we believe in making memories. And when we create memories the first thing that comes up in our to-do list is to share it with our closed ones. And that brings us to quite an integral question…how do we define ‘close ones’.

‘Sugar-coating your moments’ is the Dunkel Braun proficiency, and that’s how we at Dunkel Braun define ‘close ones’. Your close ones are the ones who appear at the not-so-sweet (read, bitter) moments of your life, and with their presence, make them sweet  in some unpredictable way…Well it could be your best-friend whom you more often call an ‘idiot’, it could be your sister whose calls you habitually miss while attending meetings, it could be a father whom  you never said a thank-you to for the Christmas gifts he kept giving you pretending to be Santa, or, your employee who lost her sleep building the most convincing brand-presentations, while you were occupied elsewhere.

It’s these kinds of close ones who ensure to preserve the sweetness of your hard life with their unconscious efforts. And it’s these close ones of your life that Dunkel Braun, as a bakery, aims to honour with their range of creations…

If life has been rough and hectic lately, and in your busy schedule you have stored up some unsent letters of love to your closed ones, then here’s a Dunkel Braun stamp for each of your unsent letters.

These baked-gift sweet thingies from Dunkel Braun will make you & them feel revived, once again!

 Baklavas for the red hearts

 If there are any Imtiaz Ali’ directional geniuses’ fans among you, they will be able to highly relate to the fact that while time changes, generations change, love stories migrate from hand-written letters to WhatsApp Statuses…there are certain facts about the language of love that can never change.  And one such fact is that love is not just sweet. It’s crunchy too at times. And it’s both these flavours together that make falling in love such a privilege…

Just like Dunkel Braun’s range of oh-so-good Baklavas. Our range of honey glazed, pistachio and almond casted crunchy centres and melting-soft phyllo made Baklavas that come in pyramid, roll and star shapes.

So this season, whatever be the shape of love, when it comes to taste it will taste a lot like Dunkel Brawn’s Baklavas.

Gift a box of Baklava and share this blog link with the love-of-your life today. And the rest will be history!

Rusks for the angry old Indian parent

To explain why we chose Rusks for that Indian set of parents, who were usually represented by actors like Amrish Puri in the 90’s, we shall explain to you a fact about the Dunkel Braun Rusks. If you have had rusks dipped in your evening tea, more than once, you will know that usually once dunked in the tea, they melt and fall in the cup. And all you could do to react to it with would be a momentary frown.

However that’s not true with the Dunkel Braun Rusks! Though they might melt in your mouth as they are fresh and soft inside, when you dunk them in your tea they will stay strong and in-tact.

Doesn’t that resemble a lot of most of our parents who are soft on the inside, yet hard on us when teaching us life lessons! We bet, the elders in the house would love these Rusks at tea-time.

Dry Cakes for the sincere siblings

School canteens…saving up from the already little pocket money and buying those moist cakes that smelt of butter, cherries and everything nice. It’s solely an experience you can share with your close-aged siblings…the siblings to meet whom you would eagerly look forward to vacations…the same siblings whom you now hardly get time to meet in a whole year since you both are busy at work.

With Dunkel Braun’s range of Dry Cakes, revisit those memory lanes. With their true-to-the-fruit flavours, and smooth buttery freshness, our range of Dry Cakes will certainly get you back on track with your siblings at this time of festivities!

Because with siblings and Dunkel Braun’s Dry Cakes (our favourite being Blueberry) every day is Christmas!

Pastry hampers for the cubicle-next-door

“Client deliverables at 7 pm today.”
“Assignment submissions at 10 am tomorrow.”
“We just have to complete the US Client assignment by 3 am.”
“Team meeting on low-growth at 12 noon sharp.”

And then one fine day, when it’s not that fine for your team-mate in the next cubicle…

“Let’s finish this pastry hamper from Dunkel Braun after work today! I will have the Truffle.”

If that has already brought a smile on your face, then your upcoming corporate-gifts are all coming from Dunkel Braun, for sure!

Wrapping Up (At Dunkel Braun, we literally do even that with love!)

There could not a better time to reignite and revisit all those beautiful little things in your life as that’s the best way you can appreciate them. By showing effort. The effort that we give into our Packaging options at Dunkel Braun, ensures that the gifts you are sending to your loved ones look, feel and taste, just as exquisite and fine as is your bonding with them. And thus we thought to remind you of something before we close…

Before you gift these Dunkel Braun specialities to your loved ones, try the option of treating yourself to each. Gift yourself the happiness you deserve.

Aur agar ghar pe koi puche ki “kya baat hain  bhai?”  toh keh dena “hum toh buss sabko bhejne se pehle quality taste kar le reh the!”

And the rest will be your and our Dunkel Braun secret. Baklava swear!

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