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Chocolate Pyramid Baklava 6pcs per Box

430.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Pyramid Baklava with Cashew 8pcs per Box

430.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Roll Baklava 9pcs per Box

400.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Sobiyet Baklava 4pcs per Box

430.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Tart Baklava 6pcs per Box

300.00 Inclusive of all taxes

What is baklava sweet?

Still, wondering what’s the buzz about baklava? Then I must say you’re missing out on a lot of deliciousness! Originating from the Middle East, Baklava has now won hearts all over the world.

And now coming to the food lover’s paradise Kolkata Dunkel braun gives you the opportunity to taste this scrumptious delicacy delivered right to your doorsteps. Made by the true and trained hands of the master class chefs of Dunkel braun, the baklava is prepared with premium quality nuts like almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and peanuts wrapped in filo pastry sheets and dipped in sweet honey syrup means to melt as soon as you bite into it.

Whether you wonder what is baklava sweet is or is baklava vegan and can’t satiate your hunger for it then find the finest quality handmade box of baklava here at Dunkel braun one of the largest cafes in Kolkata made pure veg so that all your vegan friends can have it.

To stick the filo sheets together most of the time an egg wash is used at Dunkel braun we simply use water to get the job done with perfection.

Where to buy baklava online?

Looking for where and how to buy baklava online? Then let me solve it for you. Dunkel braun brings you a whole range of baklava sweets in different variations. In two simple steps, you can find us. Just type out baklava sweet near me on Google and find our website, after reaching our website, before you get dazzled with all the food you can find here click on the Order Now tab and find the product categories on the left-hand side of the page, where you can find the Baklava from the Baked Sweet range.

The baklava box from the house of Dunkel braun comes with all three varieties in it which are the Baklava Roll, Baklava Pyramid, and the Baklava Tart. We’ve created this box of baklava sole purpose of solving your gifting worries.

The baklava box comes in different sizes, you can find the Large Assorted Baklava Box containing 8 pieces of Tart Baklava, 8 pieces of Pyramid Baklava, and 6 pieces of Roll Baklava, the other Assorted Baklava Box contains 5 pieces of Tart Baklava, 6 pieces of Pyramid Baklava and 10 pieces of Roll Baklava.

There is also the Baked Dessert Combo Box (Pack of 4) where you get a box of Roll Baklava which contains 9 pieces of them, a box of Tart Baklava which contains 6 pieces of it, a box of Pyramid Baklava which contains 8 pieces of them and a pack of Honey Bee Slices which is 160gms.

Baklava is a perfect sweet for gifting be it any occasion and as we all know no celebration in India can go without food and desserts. Don’t miss out on them and buy baklava online from Dunkel braun.