The Story of Baklava from Dunkel braun

Let’s talk about Baklava. Baklava is a sweet made from layers of phyllo dough filled with nuts and sweetened, most commonly with honey or syrup. Though its origins are unclear and debated.

Some vote for Greece while others vote for Turkey. But the fun part is that both these countries share a long history of making, innovating as well as enjoying Baklava. For a broader perspective, it is the Greek name phyllo dough (which is synonymous with filo dough) that gave rise to the name “Baklava” which comes from the Turkish word “Baked layer”.

Past controversies on the origin of the Baklava aside, sweet tooth around the world continue to enjoy this mouth-watering delicacy. Here at Dunkel braun we serve you the exquisite taste of this traditional sweet dish with a very subtle Indian touch to it. To find out that touch visits us or buy baklava online at Dunkel braun. 

Things You Get When You Buy Baklava Online From Dunkel Braun!

Baklava is filled with layers of goodness. You first feel the texture of chopped nuts, which are then covered by a crispy filo pastry coating. The sweetness of honey makes you want more as you go deeper into this dessert.We make it pure veg so that anyone can enjoy the heavenly taste of Baklava. It can be enjoyed both by non-vegetarians and vegetarians. The majority of Baklava recipes contain an egg wash that helps in joining the phyllo sheets but here at Dunkel braun we simply use water hence solving the concern of “to eat or to not eat”.

The Baklava Box from the House of Dunkel Braun comes with all three varieties, including the Baklava Roll, Baklava Pyramid, and Baklava Tart. We created the Baklava Box for your convenience—so you won’t have to worry about buying one or two separate gifts!

Baklava boxes are available in different sizes, with the Large Assorted Baklava Box containing 8 pieces of Tart Baklava, 8 pieces of Pyramid Baklava, and 6 pieces of Roll Baklava, the other Assorted Baklava Box contains 5 pieces of Tart Baklava, 6 pieces of Pyramid Baklava and 10 pieces of Roll Baklava. There is also the Baked Dessert Combo Box (Pack of 4) where you get a box of Roll Baklava which contains 9 pieces of them, a box of Tart Baklava which contains 6 pieces of it, a box of Pyramid Baklava which contains 8 pieces of them and a pack of Honey Bee Slices which is 160gms. All of these gift boxes allow you to show love and appreciation to your family and friends.

Our Dunkelicious Baklavas

Chocolate Pyramid Baklava 6pcs per Box

430.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Sobiyet Baklava 4pcs per Box

430.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Pyramid Baklava with Cashew 8pcs per Box

430.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Tart Baklava 6pcs per Box

300.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Roll Baklava 9pcs per Box

400.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Gift Something Royal

Chocolate Pyramid Baklava 6pcs per Box

430.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Sobiyet Baklava 4pcs per Box

430.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Pyramid Baklava with Cashew 8pcs per Box

430.00 Inclusive of all taxes

What's inside

Cashew Baklava


Almond Baklava


Piatachio Baklava


Honey Baklava


Baked Sweet Journal

Why to buy baklava online from Dunkel Braun ?

To buy baklava online story revolves like this – Imagine a Friday afternoon. On a regular day, working from home, you finish your lunch 10 mins before the break gets over. Then while scrolling Instagram and you come across a story of your foodie friend who has tagged ‘Dunkel Braun’ and sung praises about their products. You click on the link and get to Dunkel Braun’s page. In no time your mouth is watering and there is a smile on your face. The curious foodie you are you see this name ‘Baklava’ and you google it instantly. And the rest is history!

Until and unless one orders the Turkish delight sweet Baklava from Dunkel Braun one can never realise what they are missing. Baklava from Turkey, crafted with care in Dunkel Braun by our finest bakers, reaching your home in a jiffy – well what more can a person want! Dunkel Braun is the first place in Kolkata to offer authentic Baklava.So it is worthy to buy baklava online. A piece of Turkey in Kolkata and that too is reaching your home when you order online. Order Baklava Mithai online from the comfort of your home from Dunkel Braun and relish the crispy, nutty, honey melt in your mouth and satiate your soul.

Know more about baklava from house of Dunkel braun

The pyramid-like structure of the baklava works best in allowing the nutty fillings to stay inside the baklava.
The real game-changer in the dessert market, the honey-glazed Turkish sweet attracts many curious foodies. Originally from Turkeys, Baklavas have made their way into the Indian cuisine with much love and adulation. The best part of a Baklava dessert is that it is nor too sweet neither too bland. It is both tasty as well health. There are very rare sweet dishes which can actually claim to be good for health and good for the taste buds at the same time! Buy baklava online from Dunkel Braun to know more.

While creating the Dunkel braun baklavas, we thought why waste time on choosing between the world of greek and turkish baklavas when we could create a new nation of baklavas altogether. The wait is finally over – you can buy baklava online.After all, dunkel braun is nothing but a nation of food lovers. And thus we blended the nuts and rich honey of the ‘siropiastas’ with the ‘fistikli’ spice bases, we created a line of three unique baklava genres, the roll baklavas, the pyramid baklavas & the tart baklavas. To buy baklava online why wait? Just visit our store and order now.

How to serve baklava?

Keeping in mind the aromatic and heavenly taste of the baklava it is important that it is served fresh and right. The quality of ghee or butter that has been used to make the baklava is very important, in order to keep it fresh and crispy for long. Too much butter on the phyllo sheets while preparation can also make the baklava dry. Using clarified butter is the best option as the regular normal butter tends to have too much moisture in it.

Another suggested method to keep our baklava fresh is by cutting it with the help of a pointed knife before baking; as this prevents the syrup from dropping to the bottom and allows it to soak in the center of the nuts. Baklava can last more than two weeks as it has a long shelf life. While storing it in room temperature or refrigerator, it is best to store it in an air tight container. This keeps it crispy and firm. One factor that is to be kept in mind is that: Never reheat your baklava, else it will become mushy. Even if the baklava is being microwaved, it should be done for just a few seconds.

Always try soaking it in warm syrup. Serving and eating baklava also has its own technique. It is preferable that it is eaten upside down, so that the buttery pastry is tasted first.Would recommend you to buy baklava online from Dunkel braun to understand the core of authentic baklava taste. Serving the baklava properly also has its own rules. Baklava is preferably served with honey.

Some people also have their own set of likings, like some prefer pistachio or even ice cream. The best way to serve baklava is at room temperature or chilled with the warm syrup. When the baklava is baked and kept, the ground nuts and syrup reach the bottom layers thus, making it upside down while eating takes us to the wonderland of taste and aroma. The milk, nuts, honey and the butter all takes us to a world of its own, and is best served and stored in temperature to maintain the aroma and freshness. Still confused about the correct way to serve baklava – buy baklava online now and get the idea of it.

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